Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Book Club / Chanel No. 5

I'm reading Tilar Mazzeo's The Secret of Chanel No. 5.  Never a fan of spoiling a reveal, I am going to say nothing about it.


But when I do, I'd like you to join me.  Let's turn this book review thing around, and make it a book chat.  I'm looking at the February calendar, and thinking either the third (19th) or the fourth (26th) weekend.  At that time, I'll post my thoughts, and invite you to put your thoughts and/or questions in the comments.   This should give you time to find the book at a bookstore or library.

Or, get a free copy from me.  Register your interest below.  If you take the time to be clever, I'll enter you twice.  Will draw a name next Thursday, at which time I will be ready to pop it into the mail to you as soon as you (that would be You, the drawn name/winner) tell me your address.  All I ask is that if you win a copy, you join the conversation.

Listen to Mazzeo on NPR.
Reader copy of The Secret of Chanel No. 5 provided by Harper Collins


*jen said...

I'm in (for the club, not the convest). I am halfway through the book.



ScentScelf said...

Excellent! Will be glad to have you with us, Jen. :)

Furriner said...

I've read the book already. Am open to discussion!

Ines said...

I want to join the chat but I'm obviously one of those rare people who don't own a copy yet. :)

I'll wait until next Thursday to see if luck is on my side, if not, I'll try and get a copy in time for the chat.
I love chatting about books, to which everyone in my life will testify (while probably rolling their eyes at the same time) - I tend to talk a lot about books I love.

Anonymous said...

I love Chanel 5. It's my favorite. They show all the good monster movies on Saturday afternoon.
Nancy H

ScentScelf said...

Furriner, glad you'll be part of the chat. Ines, your name is in the hat. Nancy H, a good monster movie is all that.

And a bag of chips.

See you all here. :)

(Double points to Nancy H, who made herself sound like a comment-bot.)

Musette said...

I'm in! - for the chat. Currently reading, as you know, pissing and moaning about the dearth of proofreaders in our fast-track age....


ScentScelf said...

Musette, oy to the vey on the proofreading. We can bring that up during the chat, too.

Vanessa said...

I am too slow a reader to put myself forward for this - it has taken me two months to read 150 pages of We Are The Mulvaneys!

ScentScelf said...

Ha ha! Would you believe I had no problem digesting We Are the Mulvaneys...whoops, wait, reviews the tapes; is that true? yes...but had to have a gap period before finishing The Corrections? Weird.

Okay, V, you are NOT in the draw. But come back and lurk and maybe even chat anyway, if you've a notion.