Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bulb bumps progressing

Slaying dragons beyond the blog, but am here to remind you that I will draw names for the free copy of "The Secret of Chanel No. 5" tomorrow.  Late tomorrow.  Go comment on Saturday's post if you are interested.

Posting a picture of the hyacinth bulb progress.  Am continuing to turn a blind ear (yes, blind ear) to yearnings for spring.  Winter has what it has.

I love the way the roots know to reach out for water that is just beyond.  Soon enough, they'll have engulfed the marbles, and I'll have detangling to do when all is said and done.  Things change.


Olfacta said...

Isn't that an amazing process? Cell division marches on. I've seen a tuft of grass break a sidewalk.

I have a few hyacinths scattered around the yard, but their scent is so ephemeral. Maybe I'll try this.

ScentScelf said...

Indeed--the power of cell division to move concrete and flutter hearts. Rather awesome.

Musette said...

I have an extra sword if you need it.

My hyacinth is way into rootage and finally (FINALLY) beginning to show real signs of green life, up top. And the way it's going, my other two amaryllis might be ready to bloom sometime in May! LOL!

xo A

ScentScelf said...

Musette, the paperwhites went hogwild and that hyacinth is slowly plugging along. Pretty soon I'll be singing the ketchup song. ("Anticipation...")

(Yeah, I know it was she would not name who was so vain.)