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Grande Dames de Perfume Bloggery and Informed Resources for Perfume
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Perfume Posse
Perfume Posse was where I started.  Because I thought I was just nosing around for some information on Norell, and I came upon this crazy lot who clearly knew their noses, and seemed to be having fun.  I eavesdropped for almost a year before making a comment.  After that, well...I commented and commented.  And even guest posted.  And very much enjoyed having the chance to help host Patty and March for a once but memorable gathering of perfume fans, Chicocoa Scentsation.

Now Smell This
A compendium of perfume news, perfume reviews, and features such as "Quarterly Damages" and "Monday Mail," (a poll asking how much you purchased, and a reader survey of suggestions for perfumes for a profiled reader), Robin and the crew at NST quickly became another part of my regular reading.  And have been for years now.  I'm going to forget someone, but writers like Erin T and Kevin and Angela and Alyssa bring their voice to perfume in a way that makes a reading person happy.  Plus, the fact that you can identify a cast of characters in the comments despite the volume of material posted there is impressive.

Perfume Smellin' Things
Another group blog, this one is run by Marina, who brings a voice to and thoughts about perfume I would seek out wherever she might be.  Her observations are pointed and informed, but lyrically presented with a deft underhand of humor.  The cast recently went through a bit of a revamp, with "old timers" like Beth and Donna and Tom still appearing, but a number of new voices introducing themselves and presenting on things not necessarily perfume but, well...perfume smellin'.

Perfume Shrine
"Helg" (I think it is safe to reveal now that Helg is Elena V, given that you can read that in her sidebar) writes some of the most erudite and thoughtful reflections on perfume I've had the pleasure of coming across.  But, lest that have you set aside in a secondary "academic" category, let me hasten to add that she has a wicked sense of humor, writes straightforwardly, and doesn't get lost in the sillage.   She has guest writers at times, and the overall content combines perfume reviews, essays on topics such as notes, ingredients, history, and perfume houses, and perfume news.  (Props to Elena for writing so eloquently in English, not her native language.)

I Smell Therefore I Am
I've watched and read as Abigail and Brian have posted correspondence with each other and others along with sharing their personal reviews of particular perfumes and thoughts about this perfume business in general.  Unlike some of the sites in this group, which are clearly intent upon posting daily (or very regular) content, these two post as the muse strikes.  Which might mean a month with a handful of offerings, or a week with a slew of dense posts.  It doesn't matter to me.  They are thoughtful, they speak their mind, and their minds are discerning as well as caring.  It's a joy to read the thoughts of people who aren't Insiders, but intelligent observers.

Grain de Musc
When I first started heavy reading, about four years ago, I was intrigued by these two writers, a Denyse who contributed to Helg's Perfume Shrine, and this Carmencanada person who left these interesting comments on various blogs and then apparently started her own blog.  Turns out they were all one and the same Denyse Beaulieu, a person who confirmed my loyalty with her irreverent knowledge of things post-modern academic.  (A pet passion and peeve of my own, you see.)  She has such strong and well thought opinions that I wouldn't dream of missing them, no matter whether I agree with them.  Denyse writes in both French and English, btw, and does her own translations--a unique opportunity for multi-lingual types.

Bois de Jasmin
Just as I was ratcheting up the perfume interest, Victoria seemed to be signing off.  Nonetheless, if I was digging up reviews or sources for information on a note or some such, Victoria's would be a blog I made sure to open up if it got a hit on my search.  Plus, when opportunity presented, I'd just browse through, to catch up on any number of posts I'd missed, because I loved her writing so much.  In the past few months, Victoria has come back full steam, and posts even more often than in what I used to term "the good old days."  She's offering perfume reviews, overview articles, and bringing in guest writers to talk about related topics like gardening, as well as posting news flashes.  So I've moved Bois de Jasmin out of a "regular I treated like a book" back into "a compendium" category.  The reviews and articles, thankfully, are still "old style" thoughtful beautiful reads.

Nathan Branch
Long ago, and far, far away, I stumbled upon a voice in the blog wilderness.  "I have smelled this!," it cried, "and this! and this! and this and this!!"  It was clearly the voice of an enthusiast, an enthusiast who knew how to write.  And talk.  And I began to listen.  And talk back.  And had good conversation.  Then Nathan started taking pictures.  Then he stopped sniffing six scents a day, moving from snapshot reports to more expansive reviews.  (Perhaps I exaggerate how many scents a day...but to a tricycle, the geared two-wheeler moves at a dizzying speed.)  Anyway, it's been some time back now that Nathan combined his nose and his thoughts and his pictures into the blog that you probably now understand.  Unless you just started going, which means now you know him first as an enthusiastic writing thinking cook.  Whichever layer you approach from, it's interesting.  (Of particular note are the "Letters" series back and forth between perfumers as they develop projects.)

1000 Fragrances
Oh, Octavian; a passionate academic writing in three (or more?) languages, versed in cultural criticism, enmeshed in the perfume business, offering a wealth of opinion, history, and insights.  If you care about perfume, you'll eventually find yourself at Octavian's site.  And well you should.  His scholarship is evident, and his strident belief that perfume is an art informs his writings in a way that may end up converting the heathens.  Even if it doesn't, you'll be informed and entertained.  Incidentally, Octavian also does his own translations/writings -- interesting sidebar: he is the only multi-lingual blogger I've noticed to reserve specific language for specific content, and doesn't bother to translate one post into multiple languages.  Fair warning on that; just keep your hands ready on that Google translate button.

Yesterday's Perfume
I'm one of the nuts who allowed themself to fall into vintage perfume.  I was thrilled to discover Perfumaniac's blog, with well-written reviews of a range of "lost" perfumes.  I'd be happy enough just to have the resource and the added pleasure of the enjoyable writing, but it turns out Barbara is a thoughtful responder in the comments section, too.  Yay!

Perfume Pages I Like to Visit (and think You Would, Too)
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Bonkers About Perfume
If I had put up this bibliography when I initially intended to, about two years ago, I wouldn't have even known about Bonkers.  I discovered this blog in my virtual perambulations about a year ago, and it has quickly become a favorite.  Not just because "Flittersniffer" (who has now publicly revealed herself to be one Vanessa Musson) was one of the wittiest, most enjoyable respondents I ever had the pleasure of tormenting bantering with in a comments section, but because she is one of those bloggers who applies her sense to humor equally well to things scented and life beyond.

Muse in Wooden Shoes
Muse has been at it since April of 2009.  I'm not sure when I found her blog...pretty early on, I know, as we were chatting about Muriella Burani by the fall of that year.  Point being, this blog I treated as a sort of travelogue, one person's journey into scent, and I realized I've come to rely on Muse's voice as one of my benchmarks in trying to gauge what I might think of an unsniffed scent.  That, and simply enjoying her scent diaries and the way she weaves in what's going on "IRL," as the kids might say, with this odd perfume life we lead.

The Vintage Perfume Vault
Another great resource for information about vintage perfumes.  Amelia is a somewhat more liberal with the visuals than Perfumaniac, though really both offer treasures of both the written and pictorial kind.  Turns out she's been at it about as long as Perfumaniac, too.  Bookmarked, and I'm always reading, if not always commenting.

One Thousand Scents
If you need this warning, I offer it up front:  This is not a slap and run kind of visit.  Sometimes the posts are fairly straight up reviews; sometimes they are laced with ruminations on life that demand extra attention.  Well, I say "demand," but that would be me doing the demanding.  Pyramus, the writer, doesn't ask you to.  I just think it's worth it.  As an educator who has worked with students with Asperger's, I found his multi-installment reveal on what it is like to live life on the spectrum one of the most useful sharings I've ever had the pleasure of finding.  As a human being, I found it just a great piece of writing.  As I write this, he has put up a post that manages to cover wine tasting and immortality among its explorations.  You are here, you've got to know that I'm going to have a soft spot for that.

 All I am A Redhead
What can I say about Ines' blog?  When I first found it, Ines was still presenting herself as a perfume newbie and a fan of mystery novels.  Not that she has stopped, but you know what?  Ines has a really good nose!  I'm jealous of the way she susses out notes as if she were describing the path from her front door to her mailbox.  I love the enthusiasm she continues to bring to sniffery and her beloved novels.  And I am in awe, and forever grateful, of the fact that she posts in English.  Croatian is her native language.  But off she goes, making it clear in English.  Good thing she is so friendly; otherwise, I might start focusing on what a language fail I am...

A Rose Beyond the Thames

Perfumers Who Blog
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