Friday, January 7, 2011

Salted Caramels: A Layering

Take your favorite amber.  Not a dry one, though; rich.  Maybe even a bit chocolatey?  (A hint of patch might do that for you.)  Apply.

Let rest for a few minutes.  Now, take out Heeley Sel Marin.  Quick spritz over.

Mmmm, salted caramels.

photo, author's own.  Bite marks, also author's own.  Oh, darn.


Josephine said...

Wow - what is the story behind your happening upon this combo? Sounds...yummy.

ScentScelf said... will notice I did not specify an amber. It is true I think many will do...but it is also true that I had a couple of somethings on, taking reminder sniffs for some reason, and one was on the back of a hand (not a spot for serious paying attention through development while working, what with hand washing etc etc).

Then I saw the Sel Marin, wanted to remind myself what THAT one smelled like, and fired off the spritz just as I was remembering that that "temporary" spot was already occupied.

Voila! History, along the lines of an accident that put peanut butter and chocolate together, was made.

I remember going in for the huff, and thinking "Oh, no...oh, yes!"

Of course, I am fond of chocolate covered salted caramels. So there may be a predisposition toward happiness. ;)

Vanessa said...

I am as mystified by this confection as I am by the art of Tequila slamming.

: - )

ScentScelf said...

Should I even bring up a salt bagel? ;)

Rose said...

love salted caramels- love salted smells- love Heeley!

ScentScelf said...

That's a love train I can hop aboard. :)