Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once more around with the laundry

Look what I found today. Right after pronouncing Byredo Blanche laundry-worthy, I discover Le Labo and The Laundress had recently combined forces to create a laundry detergent scented with Le Labo's Rose 31.

Who knew? Well, okay, someone, but I wasn't paying attention. Back in the day, I used to scent my own laundry detergent with essential oils. Oh, I could get all boil, boil, toil and trouble with my potions, adding in that which would calm, or kill bacteria, or smell good, or some combination of that or other.

I'd avoided thinking of doing that with a perfume...potential allergans, cost return for amount of edp required to scent a batch of clothes, etcetera. Though it did occur to me that a good elixir might be cost efficient.

Now this news of the Le Labo/Laundress product has opened a whole new series of ruminations: Diorella, laundry scent? Chergui on the sheets? Kingdom on the unmentionables? (Might as well...)

Nah. For now, I enjoy dabbing or spraying my personal scent. And that's part of the trick, isn't it--personal scent can't come out of the batch laundry. So, back to nothing, or maybe a simple lavender, when it comes to scenting the laundry.

With the leather sprayed on after I dress.

If I have my data correct, you can make a basic laundry powder out of basic soap, borax, and baking soda. For examples, see The Simple Dollar, or the variations on a recipe at TipNut. There are green cleaning books that have recipes, too. Creating my laundry soap is a time investment I'd rather devote to other projects, so I have used premade product such as Moonworks, which will ship to you with no s/h fees.

I also found a post and discussion of the LeLabo/Laundress product over at NST last March. Robin's got a great blog; I'm there all the time.


Musette said...

I never scent laundry per se but I do scent my sheets - I anoint my hands with some sweet-smelling oil (or some soliflore I can afford to 'waste', like Penhaligon's violet) and use it to smooth the sheets and pillowcases. But that's it. Anything else goes on my body - for me. Besides, I've become addicted to the smell of line-dried laundry. Yum. Nothing quite like it - takes me back to childhood!


ScentScelf said...

Oh, lucky you. I, too, love the smell...and feel, when it comes to sheets...of line dried laundry. In fact, I *finally* got one of those telescoping line drying gizmos that looks 1/2 pony ride 1/2 t.v. antenna. But, it was ONLY a year ago...still waiting to install it...

There's something really nice about the idea of "annointing ones hands with oil" before smoothing the sheets and cases. Like a massage, or a laying on of hands. A bit more sensual than my ironing spray, though I do enjoy when I blend it up.

Musette said...

Funny you should say that, about the anointing - it does feel ritualistic, every time I do it.

Only a YEAR? Well, not time to break out the axe just yet...? Ironing spray is good, too! I use a quick lavender spritz - lav goes with everything!


The Daily Connoisseur said...

This is so exciting! Not only do I love The Laundress I just received my fall/ winter shipment of their Wool and Cashmere Shampoo on my doorstep today... quelle coincidence! This is fantastic that they are pairing with scents. I love it!

And I like your new background... It reminds me of fresh water :)

ScentScelf said...


I do love well done laundry...once upon a time, I entertained daydreams of a mangle. Never went so far as to invest, but the habits I developed in that mini-era echo through today. (I make my own laundry rinse, ironing spray, pay attention to the detergent, etc.)

Thanks for the background compliment--that was just the effect I was hoping for!

ScentScelf said...

Okay, I post that, and realize it sounds all sunshine and spice around here...the realities of life with children/pets/full life are that, while I might take respite in those little nicelies of the laundry, the ongoing battle that is Laundry Mountain never ceases. And the mountain has the winning record. ;)

Lucy said...

Hi SS -- I am old enough to recall the older ladies who used to baby sit me using a mangle...
it was very fascinating.

I do a lot of hand laundry so I also have been experimenting with lavender. Black Spruce essential oil is also nice. I know I have read about the use of lavender to refresh woolens in the middle nice.

ScentScelf said...

Hi, spruce essential oil? I will check that out; I've never had any experience with it. Thanks for the mention.

Lavender and its many uses...I do love it, and appreciate that I can grow some in my own little patch of earth.