Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Byredo "Blanche"

It's really nice. I sprayed it in the store, found myself wanting to huff it, took a sample home. (Quick PSA for carrying your own vials: It's worth it.) Sprayed it at home on me. It's really nice.

But you know what kind of "smells good"? Yummy clean clothes. It's what I'd want my laundry to smell like. And, in fact, I think I've gotten this out of other laundry products. Not quite as well done in those, perhaps, and with no hint of development...yes, the Byredo has a hint of development...but still. I like it as a smell. I just don't think I like it as a perfume.

Time will tell if I am an unperceiving rube. Could be. If you wear it, you will smell good.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I know what you mean about those scents that are "nice" but not necessarily good for human adornment :) Good to know!

ScentScelf said...

Funny thing is, there are other perfumes that I am sure that someone else would consider to be unworthy or inappropriate, but I think of as "suitable for wearing." One man's poison...

Musette said...

these always make me giggle - I wonder why folks want to smell like fresh laundry when, if they are wearing freshly laundered clothes, they already smell thus...

then again, who would want to smell like sausage? LOL! Amazingly, some perfumistas do!

I like smelling like knives.


Seymour Jones said...

Byredo have just announced that they will supply the bathroom amenities for the new Hotel Skeppsholmen in Stockholm (opening 26th October).

You can check it out here: http://www.whitelinehotels.com/your-hotels/hotel-skeppsholmen

ScentScelf said...


I have learned not to question what other people might like to smell like, but merely to observe and be entertained. After all, I'm going to have to eventually reveal how I kinda like Diptyque Do Son, which in Bois de Jasmin's words, is "pretty, but not particularly outstanding." Sounds kind of, well, "white," no?

Sausage {snort}. Of course, if I were scenting with intent, I'd pick bacon. Surveys and spouse confirm, it's an, erm, attention getter.

And smelling like knives...priceless. I shall smell like the glint of moonlight on a luxury sportscar hood, and we shall stalk the night together. :)

ScentScelf said...


I had heard that. It is actually a very good application for a scent like Blanche. I wouldn't be displeased to discover a Blanche array of toiletries in my hotel room.

Rose said...

I LOVE by Redo, haven't tried this yet- am a bit woefully behind on 'fumes! I know what you mean about laundry scents, I view them like day body sprays rather than real perfumes but they are great for work/ anywhere you think some perfumes might be controversial.

Weirdly I get the most compliments from everyone when I wear laundry smells- and I'm normally just wearing my own (clean laundry) because it's reall hot or I'm feeling hungover or something.

Need to try this.

ScentScelf said...


There you go! There is the hint of flowers floating about the midstage and drydown, so Blanche would be a fabulous was to be non-controversial but still secretly know you are scented.

I know what you mean about true laundry compliments...I have a friend who used to INSIST I always smelled fantastic, and that was long before I came into perfume. So, it was either shower product or laundry. Never did figure it out. :)