Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ack! I need a comfort scent

Help. My brain, which I enjoy using, is being taxed a bit.

I planned on spending this post either taking another trip down testing lane (yesterday, I had three scents running up the left arm and two up the right), or talking about a couple of smooth operators (DKNY Gold and Ormonde Jayne Woman), or maybe my reluctant discovery that the House of Chanel might bring me a number of happinesses.

Plus, I've got to discuss how I've had a conversion, and come to understand how a person could find Mitsouko pleasant.

Instead, I'm taking a quick moment to say "UNCLE!" I've been responding to Avery Gilbert's First Nerve blog, and getting into a dialogue that has moved into "is perfume art?" territory. I've obviously been thinking about this for a while...you've heard some of my connections between perfume and music, for example...but am neither an olfactory expert, nor fully thought out on this topic. That was part of the point of starting the blog...not just to natter on about playing with perfume (though I enjoy that, thank you very much), but to figure out where perfume sits in my concept of the world.

Why? I don't know. Some people explore the secret life of bees. Others ponder the virtues of microeconomics. Me, I was having an existential crisis in my personal life, and appreciated having fresh fun territory that I knew my colleagues wouldn't be paying attention to. Plus, I could dive in without worrying about academic posturing. Academic posturing being something I gave up over a decade ago. Now, the alert among you might be saying, wait a minute--sounds like she was just unhappy with intellectual rigor. Not quite true. I was just wanted to keep a sense of play and creativity in my life, and it wasn't happening down the academic path I was forging.

In other words, I said to Academe: It's not you, it's me. And I left.

But I still have fun yammering, and I opened my yap. And, like a dutiful person, once committed, I shall follow through. But methinks I'm going to be schooled.

Speaking of being schooled...Mr. Gilbert runs a wonderfully amusing and informative blog. If you haven't been, do check it out.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get back to my bellybutton, erm, my thoughts about Mitsouko. Actually, given recent events, I think maybe I'll conjure a pairings post first...it's been a while since I came up with cocktail-perfume combinations.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love discussing whether or not something (anything!) is art. And most of the time, I find, it is. Although last night I was watching Nec Plus Ultra on TV5Monde and they were discussing a painting that I had to argue the merits of. It looked like the window of your car as you go through a car wash. I could have done it! I think almost all perfume can be art. But if I see a painting that I could do (and I am not talented in the painting arena) I say it's not :)

Mals86 said...

The "is it Art?" conversation is one I've frequently had with my sister, the art history major... but it usually pertains to visual art. She got bored with classical music aaaages ago (sick of piano lessons and flute/piccoli in school band), while I continued singing with various community choruses, getting acquainted with Verdi and Samuel Barber, so we don't discuss music. And she doesn't understand my recent interest in perfume. In any case, my usual position on Is It Art is to ask the question, "Does it make me feel differently than I did before I observed it, or give me a new perspective or new ideas? If so, it's art. Even if I hate it."

I think Mitsouko is art, even if it hates ME. (Love Gold and Ormonde Woman.) Scent of the day is La Myrrhe, and boy is that one rocking my world!

(BTW, my Blogspot is Muses in Wooden Shoes - relatively new and could use a visitor or two... I invite you to come by and say hi if you get the chance.)

ScentScelf said...

DC...you might want to take a look at Gilbert's blog...he is inclined to say "no" to perfume as art, or at least he is leaning that way in the current deliberations.

Your thoughts about "could I do it?" could be connected to the "blend your own" concept of perfumery...which may or may not include layering, as a sort of ready-made blending...I am thinking... :)

ScentScelf said...

Mals..."What is Art?" seems to endure at least as much as Art itself. ;) Funny, in my youth, I didn't get bored of classical music so much as had a hunger to learn more...got involved with jazz...then dropped out...and ended up with other "art." It all comes around.

Perfume absolutely gives me new ideas. Hence, this blog. Not always, but then, I don't always put on music to be profound; sometimes, I just want a groove or a mood. :)

LOL on Mitsouko. It eluded me, then kicked my butt, then left me by the side of the road. But we've had two good dances now...I think I'm getting it. More on Gold and OJ Woman tomorrow--I do enjoy them muchly.

Off to check out your blog! :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Scentscelf- I have given you an award... come check it out! xo

ScentScelf said...

DC...so you have! Thank you! I shall post anon...