Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vamp à NY, redux: The bubblegum cometh

Well, shoot.

I sprayed Vamp on my wrist yesterday morning, just for yucks, because someone had offered to bring a bit more into my life.  And I said no, thinking I was being appropriate, given my first two experiences.  But, knowing that things can change--not often, and especially not after such definitive first and second times, but still, there is room for learning--I spritzed.

A bit more generously than intended, I should perhaps say.

And somewhere between the mist and my nose, I immediately caught...bubblegum.  Sonofagun, THAT's what some of those commenters were talking about.  So I went in for the snorfle.  And sure enough, I find bubblegum...along with a very pretty flower, vaguely raspy, hint of that thing that sometimes gets called rubber, but altogether enjoyable.


Huff again.  Yup, it's something that is sweet without being that way from sugar, it's pleasant, it's...okay, I'll say it:  it's girly.  YES, this can be worn by anyone.  I am just saying, when I smell it, it makes me think *girl *some make-up *being aware of how you laugh *effortlessly remembering your posture.  In other words, generally not me.  But I like it.


So, I try to kill the experience.  Me, my unshowered self, some gardening.  Let's go.  Into the somewhat hot, somewhat humid day.  Work, work.  Brace for insta-headache, and...huff.  And...I like.  Sonofagun again!!  Weed, weed, sniff.  Like.  Water, stroke, examine.  Huff.  Like.  Go to mailbox.  Huff.  Like.  Wave to neighbor.  Huff.  Like.  Huff.  Like.

Go back to air conditioning.  Distract self from wrist with tea.  Huff.

Well, pooh.  It's just a really nice something today.  I could see having a split of this.  It's not me, I probably won't be able to wear it mindlessly (will have to make sure head and weather and situation all suit), but yeah, I could have this.  It's actually more cheerful than Songes, which opens my chest with a full range of moods, including from the melancholy range.

Here I thought that white florals only challenged my head in terms of inducing headaches.  These white floral experiments are sorely testing my sanity.

Oh, yeah...and as for root beer?  I caught that in the opening.  In the bubbles, more than on my wrist.  It's not a true root beer...not so earthy, I don't know if sasparilla is more appropriate...but definitely something from that branch of the soda tree.  Interestink.


flittersniffer said...

Bubblegum? Root beer? I know you are revising your opinion of this one, and it is being upgraded to decantworthy, but I find the reference to bubblegum a little chilling. I detect something similar in JPG MaDame, along with molten PVC raincoat.

But if this crossed my path, I would try it, for sure. For the name alone apart from anything!

kjanicki said...

Bubblegum! That's exactly what I thought. A friendly, girly bubblegum, with a little menthol cigarette. Glad to I wasn't the only one.

ScentScelf said...


Make that a small decant. If you like to keep a library of perfume. A type of which I am one...when the pocketbook doesn't snap shut in complaint.

The bubblegum, it is not there for the whole show, but it is there. Or it was, on the third run. You see that KJ below gets it on a regular basis. Me, that one run. We'll see. But no, it didn't chill me.

Perhaps too much happy consumption of Bubblelicious in my youth?

ScentScelf said...


Yeah, I can see how someone would say "girly bubblegum." I'm starting to wonder if the menthol cigarette you mention...which some have called ashtray, no?...might somehow be connected to that which others are calling root beer.

We'll see whether or not this interests me enough to huff more, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still not gettin' bubblegum, although I've been looking for it after reading those "it's bubblegum!" reviews. 'S'okay with me (I do get the root beer sweetness... but I LIKE that).

And yes, very very girly. Which I also like.

I think I need some right now (got a decant coming, yay).

Ines said...

Interestink? I'll have to remember that one. :)
he, he - I'm gleefully chuckling here.
I'm just glad you like it - I don't why some perfumes do that and cannot be likeable from the first but you have to give them another go (and possibly another and another) and suddenly they become these friendly little numbers and I'm usually left scratching my head thinking something was wrong with my nose previously. :)
(not that it was, I just doubt myself all the time)

Josephine said...

Love this post and I'm intrigued by the perfume! Yes, sometimes we must distract ourselves from our own wrist. Many times, the second or third wearing is the winner.

I rarely fit 'girl' description you describe, either. Still, my mother's constant 'stand up straight' reminder is permanently planted.

ScentScelf said...


Girly bubblegum. I swear, the bubblegum is there. And I only hold up my right hand so emphatically 'cause I didn't get it the first few runs, so I get NOT getting it.

Hope your decant has's a joyful thing to enjoy a scent, isn't it?

ScentScelf said...


Some of my bestest friends in a bottle have been ones I had to get to know.

Then again, there are wonders like Bois des Isles, that let me know they were worthy from the first whiff, even if I didn't fully appreciate why.

Interesting creatures, these scents. :)

ScentScelf said...


Thank you. I chuckle a bit at the VOM (Voice of Mother) gently --or not so gently-- haunting us. Sit up straight. Did you brush your teeth? Be kind.

Since I have been known to nearly walk into a lamppost whilst huffing my wrist, I can only think that taking a break from whiffing is an overall balance that is good for my health. Mental AND physical. :)