Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In support of the wandering mind

Oh, yes, I've a post coming.

I just couldn't help but share this article meantime.  In case you hadn't seen it.  Because, perhaps, your thinkings had taken you down a winding path...if they had, here's a round of encouragement.

"Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind," in today's NYT Science section.

I wonder why I'm attracted to this...???

Oft him anhaga
Often the solitary one
are gebideð,
finds grace for himself
metudes miltse,
the mercy of the Lord,
þeah þe he modcearig
Although he, sorry-hearted,
geond lagulade
must for a long time
longe sceolde
move by hand 
hreran mid hondum
along the waterways,
hrimcealde sæ
(along) the ice-cold sea,
wadan wræclastas.
tread the paths of exile.
Wyrd bið ful aræd!
Events always go as they must!

image of tradescantia ("Wandering Jew") from Gardening on Cloud 9
image of wandering musician from Alex Kuehling's peripatetic blog
link to Dion courtesy YouTube
translation of "The Wanderer" from Anglo-Saxons.net


Ines said...

The article is really interesting. And I didn't notice they switched the alcohol and people in a sentence. :)

La Bonne Vivante said...

Wyrd bið ful aræd--

Seo is ful soð, freonda min!

ic þu geþonc for se englisce gyd!

La Bonne Vivante said...

Also, thanks for the link to the article, I find that comforting, as one whose mind has always wandered inordinately and whose mind seems to be trying to walk right out the door lately.....

ScentScelf said...


Hee. :) Hey, I need to send you a shout-out for your multi-lingual-ness; I'd be lost if you posted an article in your native language.

Maybe you can teach me to say "wandering mind"?


ScentScelf said...



(I still chuckle whenever I hear that being used exclamatory hipster style.)

Not going to try to reply in OE, or even ME, at the moment...I've got road brain...but thank you, my blogosphere friend.

Hmm...if Ines can teach me "wandering mind" in Croatian, perhaps you can come up with "blogosphere" in OE?

Ines said...

He, he, he. Ok, in Croatian that would be : lutajući um. :)

Pronounced as : lootayoochi oom
(I'm not sure I'd be getting it correctly if trying to do it phonetically).

La Bonne Vivante said...

oh I dunno--might be too foreign a concept for the Anglo-Saxon mind, you know?

Tungolbocum? -celestial body-book?

maybe a kenning:
word-rhad--the word road

or maybe something superstitious, since I doubt they'd like the idea of invisible words appearing from nowhere:


the bane of the poet?

lifesbana--the time-suck that is the blogosphere?

it's hard--the words themselves: web is nice and Germanic, but log, from logos ultimately, is not, nor is sphere.

hmm, thanks for the food for thought, as always. Will get back to you.

(maybe the Wikipedia in OE will have a neologism for Blogosphere somewhere. Will check and get back to you)

p.s. I wrote today's post with you in mind, at least partly....check it out?