Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double the Thanks, Whale...

Turns out that while perfume people are grateful for what whales urp, all of us should be grateful for what comes out the other end.

According to "Whale Poop is EcoFriendly," a handy summary of a study published in PRA, those deep diving leviathans eat iron rich food in the depths, and then they return to the top, where they leave iron-rich feces that fertilize phytoplankton.  So, despite putting all that carbon dioxide out their blowholes, they have an elegant means of reducing their carbon footprint.  (Fluke-print?)

All means of bodily egress now in harmony.

See the summary in ScienceNOW.  Full article in Proceedings of the Royal Academy: Biological Sciences.


Musette said...

LOL! as you know, they have ALWAYS been in harmony!

We're the odd species - the only ones who foul our nest.


ps. can you imagine the chatter right now on whale blogs?

ScentScelf said...

Of course they have been. :)

I actually spent a moment trying to conjure some whale dialogue, and how to transcribe's an oral tradition. (Like ambergris? ba dum bum) Doesn't lend itself to the page. ;)

Musette said...

Whatever the dialogue, I suspect they are saying some pretty nasty things about us! :-p