Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day...

...however you choose to remember or reflect.


Rose said...

Is memorial day like Armistice day? Always very thought provoking- it's the 70th anniversary of Dunkirk here and we were talking about our relatives this weekend and how amazing they all were- all the soldiers- and all the people who were left behind here or over there, or from Australia, India all the places that fought

ScentScelf said...

Hi, Rose...technically, our Veteran's Day is the equivalent to Armistice Day. (That'd be the November 11 observance/day.)

Memorial Day here is similar, but started as a result of the Civil War. "Remembrance and reconciliation." Now, some people translate that outward to remembering all dead, not just those who died in war, and others tend to focus on the "unofficial start to summer" aspect it has taken on.

Here's a thought and a nod toward your relatives.

ScentScelf said...
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Rose said...

I understand- thanks. Yes have the 11th of November as Armistice Day which is all war Veterans but the closest Sunday to that is remembrance day and unnoffically is more about WW1 and 2 in many ways- although as the last veterans pass away and new veterans are made I suppose that is changing.

I remember trying to explain the difference to tourists in one of my jobs and not doing terribly well!

We don't hear so much about the civil war but I think it's fascinating- I've only really done the American Indians side of things for my studies which is completely fascinating of course but I think how the States came to be is equally interesting- such an enormous country and so varied in so many ways.

A nod to your relatives too!