Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Draw (Vintage LOTV Edition)

So, today there was a drawing.

Erm... a "draw."

No, not arrows.  Sheath yourselves.  Stop quivering.

Mosquito drawing blood?  Now you're being silly.  (But hey, this gives a handy overview of what happens after a mosquito bites you.  For those of you who care to know.  Or who have 5 year olds.)

Surely you saw that one coming?

No, no, no; a drawing of a name from a vessel for purposes of identifying who shall get smidgens of vintage iterations of  Diorissimo and Coty Muguet.

The procedure went like this.

All who registered their interest were entered onto a list.  Same font, same size for each person.  (Gotta work the fair mojo.)  Then the paper was halved lengthwise (same width for each slip), and each person's name was cut out (same height).

Slips were folded in half and put into a magic vessel.

Also known as "the pottery urn thingie."

The Muguet and the Diorissimo then rested atop the entry slips to allow their vibe to permeate every entry.

A mojo making period lasting approximately the amount of time it takes to leave the room, prepare a cup of tea, let the dog back in, and make sure there are no forgotten freelance deadlines impending.

But how to extract?  Other bloggers use their cats, or their offspring, or the (now for-fee) services of an online randomizer.  Sure, I have cats, but their prehensile abilities are not so refined.  Yes, I have offspring, but I figure I like to press them into servitude for things like fetching the mail and helping me figure out where I lost my keys this time.  Besides, this was to be a hand wrought affair, reflecting the care and appreciation for every reader who participated.

And yet somehow I needed to place a distance between me and the deed, because I was going to feel badly that I could not simply send samples out to everybody.

I needed a device that required me attending to, but not actually touching, those slips.

Toaster tongs were required.

And so they were used.


Krista, please contact me with your mailing info.  You'll need to scroll down through the rigamarole I've set up in the left column, to "Biographical Sniglets."  Click on "View my compete profile"; there you will be given an e-mail link.

images first through fourth, from (respectively) Union Jr/Sr High via Ball State U; Toy Haven blog; Washington Post online; Sierra College "Snowy Range Reflections" Journal.  

all other images the author's own.


kjanicki said...

Yay me!

Ines said...

You are just plain nasty! :)
And I loved the anticipation.

ScentScelf said...

Yay, you, Krista!


ScentScelf said...

Ines, I couldn't help it.

Glad it was fun for least I could offer everybody that, right? :)

March said...

That's such a great post! The suspense, it was killing me! I love the illustrations... I'm feeling a little boring with my now... maybe I should let the perfume sit on the laptop keyboard or something first.

Mals86 said...

Very clever - it was fun all the way through, even if it wasn't my name in the toaster tongs.

(I think I may stick to letting Taz pull names out of his plastic knight helmet, though. He loves that. This time, I may post a pic of said helmet.)

ScentScelf said...

Thanks, March! And yeah, let the perfume sit there for a while...or do an interpretive dance of the scent before hitting the button that activates your randomizer...or some such... ;)

ScentScelf said...

Mals, a plastic knight helmet? That's good karma! Yeah, post a pic...or let the helmet be the logo whenever you do a draw. We'll all come waving our handkerchiefs, hoping that we are selected and the knight champions us that round. :)

Musette said...

ROFL! What a fun post. You are nuts (in a good way, of course) :-)


ScentScelf said...

I'm probably nuts in every way.