Saturday, May 1, 2010

First of May

image by ScentScelf 2010

...Beltane....Walpurgisnacht...going a-maying...celebrating Flora...being an international worker...

Whatever you celebrate and wherever you are...this muguet maybasket is for you.


flittersniffer said...

That's very pretty. : - ) I am planning to test the new Tilda Swinton scent today, but I feel a muguet moment coming on at some point over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bloody Frida said...

Happy May Day! Today is one of my fave holidays - in fact, the Moth and I got married on May Day six years ago.

Hosting an Arbor Day celebration for the city today - hope it doesn't rain. Then dinner with the Moth to celebrate.

Enjoy!!!! The may basket is adorable!

Scent Hive said...

Happy May Day to you too!
just linked to you in my May Day post. Hope you like it!


Mals86 said...

Your lilies of the valley are lovely. And so, for that matter, is that little bottle. I love the gold nameplates on the old Coty bottles, with that Art Deco lettering. (I'm wearing Diorissimo.)

I had wanted LotV in my wedding bouquet, but my florist said he couldn't get it because it had to be shipped in from Holland. "Whaaa? My aunt's are always blooming in early May," I said. He shrugged. No LotV. I should have said, "Let me bring you some of my aunt's, they're taking over her yard and they're always blooming on Mother's Day." I didn't say it. I should have. I'm certainly braver now.

And I do associate LotV with my wedding, even if I didn't have the actual flowers. So I thank you for the wishes; it will be 18 years of Pretty Darn Good next weekend.

Musette said...

Happy May Day! Beautiful photo. I think I will wear Diorissimo (again) today.

xoxo A

ScentScelf said...

Wow...two weddings, two. Congratulations to both of you, BF and Mals. I am glad the May basket arrives in time for your celebrations.

FS, I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend; will keep an eye out for any report you provide on the Like This experience.

Trish, I did like your post! I actually enjoy quite a bit that you referenced the comments section of a post; as I've said before, sometimes really interesting dialogues go on in there. And as for Gap Grass...I stepped into the garage about one hour after a mowing last week, and had a Eureka moment. THAT is the grass smell GGrass achieves.

Enjoy that Diorissimo, Musette. I put on some myself yesterday, after enjoying the Coty the day before. I think I have me an annual tradition brewing...