Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Umami. Marmite. Cupcakes.

Wasn't it just last week I mentioned "umami" in passing?  While discussing Niki Saint Phalle in a pairing?

Where did my schoooshing across the intertubes take me today but a recipe for Marmite Cupcakes.  No, really.  Take a look here.

Report back if you bake them.  Or bake them and bring them over.  I'll make green tea lattes and spritz all with Niki.


Bloody Frida said...

oh dear

Nancy said...

Umami and I are old friends. When I was still in NYC I worked for Ajinomoto, the world's largest producer and exporter of the infamous umami enhancer, monosodium glutamate. Call me when the cupcakes arrive.

ScentScelf said...


Nancy...MSG, that which my spouse is still fond of saying has yet to be proven the health devil it was accused of being. I should have saved my Grandmother's Accent as a cultural artifact.

That said, between the odd way Frida's comment has raised my curiosity, and the fact that I have located a source for Vegemite AND Marmite, I just might have to tackle this product. You suppose I can get fancy chunky sprinkles of MSG to go on top?

Nancy said...

Mals86 said...

Oh, dear. Marmite Cupcakes.

I ate Vegemite in Australia a few years ago and thought it tasted very much like someone had left a big pot of hefty-bodied ale on the stove to reduce, and Vegemite was what was left after the liquid had evaporated. Not horrible, exactly, but the salt content nearly did me in. I think I may have brought back a few small packages with me... wonder where I put them, and if they're still good?

ScentScelf said...

Nancy, are you egging me on? Because I am thisclose to making them this weekend... (I can get the Marmite at a nearby World Market. I shoulda coulda saved Grandma's Accent. ;) )

Mals, now that you mention it, that is a good way to think of Vegemite. It's been over a decade since I've had it, though. But I wasn't in Australia.

Hmmm...y'all are inspiring a world tour...FlitterSniffer prompts me to go to a German-speaking country, you plant the idea of Australia...ah, the places my mind's eye can take me. (And my mind's nose can imagine...)

Tommasina said...

My husband reckons you probably have to have been brought up eating Marmite (as I was) to like it. It's sharply divisive. That said, he did eat enough to convince himself that he was in the "like" camp; and I love it - but even I would draw the line at cupcakes.

ScentScelf said...

So, Tommasina, what are your (you + your husband) preferred Marmite delivery methods? Bread, toast, crackers, other?

I wonder how many times it would take before you can decide? A while back, I came across a reference that said the magic number was 12. Twelve times to acquaint oneself before a human could make a final decision on taste love/hate.

I'm trying to think of a U.S. equivalent of love it or hate it. Gastronomical, not, say, Thierry Mugler Alien. ;)

Musette said...



xo >-)

ScentScelf said...

So, Musette...first cupcake is for you?