Monday, April 5, 2010

Pairings: In Name Only

In comments to my last post, Nancy raised the possibility of Sortilege with her Sortilege, introducing the Name Game style of pairing.

Today, I notice in my blogfeed over to the left there that The Accidental Hedonist has reviewed a barleywine called Mirror Mirror.  Craft/microbrewery fiends might already be all over this one.

Haven't tried it, myself.  Hence, I shall chase down a bottle of Deschutes Mirror Mirror, and beg a sample of one of the Thierry Mugler "Miroir, Miroir" collection off of a pal.  Then I shall sit down to a tall one of the "creamy" "hoppy, but in a floral sense" beer, raising my glass to Nancy and her Sortilege while I suss out just what *really* would go with the barleywine from Bend.

It'll be tough, I know.  But I'm ready.  In fact, I believe I am ready to commit myself to regularly investigate the practice of pairing.

Should you make your own sacrifices in the interest of fragrance/beverage matches, please do let me know.  The blogosphere needs us.


Musette said...


Can't do it.


I can't even sit in a brewpub, if the hops-smell is overly strong.

Can I still be in the club?


ScentScelf said...

But of course you can be in the club, Musette! Come on in. I have a feeling you can hold court in the bubblies corner, no?