Thursday, December 25, 2008

Warmth, good company, and happy journeys to all this holiday season.  

image courtesy WeatherUnderground, posted by Gemini


Unknown said...

Lovely image! I admit it is sunny over here, but joyously cold.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Lovely photo!

Okay, on the scents: I love Mandragore and really like the idea of wearing an occasional citrus in winter - Bigarade Concentree works well in this weather, at least for me.

Journeyman? WTH???? I LOVE leather - why/how did I miss this one in the LZ pantheon? Must investigate.

Nuit de Noel - wore it Christmas Eve.

Are you really snowed in? We had a warming spell - time to clean up dog detritus before the next onslaught. Very slippery right now - wearing Dzonghka to arm myself against falling down on the ice.

ScentScelf said...

I don't know how I'd do this holiday season without cold, let alone without snow. We had a green, wet Chirstmas last year, and it was just...well, weird for me. Good thing I'm north of the equator...and plenty so. :)

ScentScelf said...

Hey, I can see how that Bigardee Concentree could do the citrus trick. Will need to try that.

Yup, the Journeyman is quite nice...somewhere beyond Cuir de Lancome, moving toward L'Ombre Fauve density (and, on me, sweetness)...which means it works well for me. Would be interesting to see how it goes on you; not as "sharp" as Chanel Cuir de Russie.

Heh the idea of arming yourself with Dzonghka against the ice...let me know how that works for you. ;)