Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scents of the Season

Not that I'm running around trying to make sure magic happens...but...

It's my first winter holiday season as an out and proud perfumista.  My historical tradition is Christmas, but that was always a cultural celebration, as the holiday did not involve any trips to religious rituals.

Hence, the fragrances suitable for the season are going to incorporate baking, merriment, snow, evergreens, thick syrupy, refreshing whatnot, with but a hint of the incense.  I'm keeping a running list in a box on the left; I'll offer my rationale/associations in the post.   If you have time, I'm curious to hear what is on your mind--or wrist.  

Incidentally, this is one post that will develop.  Content will grow over the next 48 hours.  I'm not sure what editorial policy is on such a thing, but notification seems appropriate.  :)

Organza Indecence --  ummm, vanilla with a hint of a kick; it has a syrupy middle that seems, well, appropriate.
Ambre Narguile -- spicy baked goods; this time, vanilla gets a strong dose of amber
Nuit de Noel -- Okay, the name, duh; colored by a lovely darkish spiciness as it dries down.  This one is rather complex, and being snowed in gives me time to really appreciate it.
Mandragore -- Hah! You say summer; I say citrus is as refreshing in winter...think pomander, Earl Grey tea, and the oranges that were the only thing Uncle Rufus got in his stocking.  PLUS it's spicy, it's are the ornaments on my tree!  Let's go!!  Things to do!  Roust from your somnambulent fire gazing, and finish your preparations!!  BTW, you smell good
Journeyman -- Liz Zorn has created my most recent favorite leather, so a) why not wear things you love when you are happy & celebrating, and b) if I need to draw a more direct metaphor, I can assure you that with 8"+ of snow out there, the leather glove is an apt motif.


Anonymous said...

My go-to holiday scents are iPdF Spezie di Medici and Fendi Theorema. Tonight I'm wearing a new find: Villainess Dulces en Fuego - dark chocolate and pepper.

Happy Holidays, my friend!

ScentScelf said...

ummmm...that Villainess is sounding mighty good...Theorema is one that sounds like it might be right, but I've never had an opportunity to sniff. As it turns out, I've got Asja on one wrist for a first run; otherwise, I'm Indecently Organza today.

Happy Holidays to you as well, oh wonderful one,

Musette said...

Huh. I left a comment yesterday on Journeyman, et al and it vaniiiiiished!


Well, Happy New Year and I hope your snow is melting; ours is nearly gone and gasp!! we have the windows open in the 60F weather!

Go figure


ScentScelf said...

I think your comment is above, with the scenery picture... and I think I neglected to mention that I ran to pick up Journeyman because Liz had posted that she would not be using that formula again. (Because, as an artiste, she had whipped together that particular blend without recording the ingredients/amounts...sheesh. Like trying to capture your grandmother's cooking. ;) )

Anyway, the weather has turned here as well. A veritable freak show, as we have gone from freakishly cold to freakishly warm, and have had dangerously thick fog for nearly a day now.

Be well...