Friday, December 19, 2008

Peut-Etre, Theo Fennell

A study in contrasts:

Peut-Etre, steady eddie, goes on as a glove scent that I am happy with from first moment--which is a good thing, since what you whiff is what you get.

Theo Fennell, magic morper, starts off with a skanky waft that changes into a golden floral (and I mean that in a positive sense), then spends time weaving back and forth, touching on other notes along the way.

Peut-Etre could be a kinder, gentler L'Ombre Fauve.  (Not that I, for one, need L'OF to be any kinder or gentler.)  It is different in that it is haunted by not freshly opened, or freshly cut, but mature...could have been in the vase for a day, or have spent a day in the sun out in the garden.  This is totally in my wheelhouse, for an all-purpose scent that has interest.  (As opposed to those all-purpose scents that I know are safe at any speed, the ones I can wear around students or to dinner or in close quarters with fellow musicians.)  The interest is in the way I think any good scent has that element that introduces the "better" portion of a "your skin but better--here, the betterment coming from leather and flowers.*  

Theo Fennell seems to be a perfect "going out" scent.  Hits with the danger of skank as it starts on my skin, morphs into this lusciously deep warm without syrup floral, and then meanders back and forth between the two.  Who knew?  I am not a fan of skank, and I never would say I like a "floral" perfume, because I don't want to run the risk of an error.  (Because when a floral perfume is not good to me, it is SO not good.  Blechh.  Headache.  Cloying.  Artificial.  Any, all, or more.)  But this one, I like.  Wait a minute...something new going on...I tell you, almost every time the flowers come back, they are different.  And again, next round introduced a hint of something...foodie?  Oh my, but I am having fun.  And it's not just gimmicky; this is very nice material.

Maybe Theo needs multiple categories.  Sophisticated, quality interest for going out.  Sophisticated, quality entertainment for staying in.  Oh, dear...I'm talking like one of those people with disposable income...but of course, when it comes to music, books, certain foods, office/art supplies, and now perfume, I do behave that way.

Thanks, Marina, for the chance to experience these.  Not only do you write a fantastic blog, you are generous with your draws.  So far, that's three (these two, plus the CB Cradle of Light from Tom) that are further weighing down my "get this" list.  


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ooh- lucky you! I'm still marveling about how a skanky waft can turn into a golden floral lol! You make it sound so intriguing!

ScentScelf said...

Hey, I'm still marvelling myself! It's a good trick, it is...and the best part is how good almost every shade smells. Even -- well, in a quality skank way -- the skank. (Which is never strong, at least to me, though it most certainly does step in the doorway fully before leaving again.)

Colombina (Marina) said...

I am so glad!
But it is amazing how differently we perceive Peut-Etre! (and how similarly Theo). That is the best part of perfume, I think, how different it appears on different skins and to different noses.

ScentScelf said...

Marina, the "your mileage may vary" aspect of perfume perception and performance is an interesting variable to me as well. I wonder if, at a different time of year, my perception of Peut-Etre might vary...and then be more in sync with yours. How is it on you?

The Theo was a surprise for me; I had been so prepared to hold my nose and run to the sink, because I am not generally a fan of the skank factor. I love how, somehow, here I breathed it in fully...and tried again... :)

NathanB said...

Uh-oh, you went and developed your "skank" taste bud, and now it will cry ceaselessly for satisfaction.

Don't say you weren't warned.

ScentScelf said...

Oh, stop. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me I'm going shopping for leather.

(Don't say it.)

Oops...mind just took another tangent...have you ever read "Kitchen Confidential?" The bread chapter, where the hungover/MIA bread guy calls Bourdain and tells him to "feed the [beast]?" As in, the fermenting yeast calls?? Too funny. I'm kind of blending that, plus Audrey Two from Little Shop of Horrors, into one skank-seeking perfume wearer....

Rose said...

Well these both sounds very intriguing indeed. I love the 'danger of skank' line!

ScentScelf said...

Rose... thanks; the line comes from a not-jesting fear of skank...I really am quite apprehensive about the presence of things "skank"; rarely does it lead to a happy scent experience for me. Who knew? :)