Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toes, or all in?

For those of you who have only swum in oceans or swimming pools, a few notes on lake swimming:

"Inland" lakes (aren't they all? but no, trust me, there are the big lakes, the Great Lakes, which I have come to realize need emphasized are really, really big--those of you who think of the middle as "flyover" would do well to think about a body of water that takes much time to cross on a boat, and remember it takes even your jet some time to cross over) are smaller lakes of various sizes, which generally fall within state boundaries, and can be seen across and traversed easily by boat, sometimes even rowboat.

Point being, the swimming is different. Not only do you float differently, but there can be ginormous temperature differentials on the inland lakes: water temperature varies according to season, according to depth, and even sometimes according to weather conditions. On the big lakes, the water is, generally, cold. The question for any lake is: do you go carefully, trying to discover and/or acclimate yourself to the temperature, or do you just charge?

No matter what your approach, your experience in the same pocket of water may be different one day to the next, one visit to the next, one year to the next.

And so it is with Kingdom. What I am about to say is not "I was wrong." My experience has been, almost every time, panties. But today I was decanting a generous sample for a friend--a friend who has enjoyed this, and so I was happy to share--and a generous splot of McQueen's controversial juice ended up on my hand.

Surprise! Today the cumin was nearly woodsy, and clearly just a layer among the package. I was getting a quick impression of something that was interesting both as quoting some vintage references, and also quite of the times. Cumin, woody spice, something floral...it was all there, and it was interesting. Not "beautiful," as some receive it, but really, really interesting, in a pleasant way. Meanwhile, I had just decanted DK Gold (following a tasting principle of increasing intensities), and THAT was also different than any of my previous experiences. In this cool/cold weather, Gold edp was almost creamy, with jasmine clearly coming through as much as the lily, and much less sharp green. (That green is sharper, and more metallic, in the EDP.)

So, today, I liked Kingdom. No promises for tomorrow. And honestly, I'll probably be more likely to reach for the Gold on an overall percentage basis. But I had to come clean about the experience, considering how adamant I am about the nasty element I usually get.

BTW, you already not to trust when somebody says "come on in, the water's fine," right? One swimmer's tepid is another's chilled. In the lake, or out of the bottle, your mileage may vary.

UPDATE 11/23/08:  Kingdom is back in the chatterstream.  See the gents over at PeredePierre for their take on it, and hear Denyse at Grain de Musc place it according to her sensibilities within the comments section of her lovely review of Schiaparelli Shocking.  Yup, that's me, asking her opinion--I love to learn from better noses than mine.  But despite my bowing to Denyse's more experienced nose, I have to say that, for now, for me, Kingdom's "gousset" is still sewn into panties and not a blouse.  Never a better example of Your Mileage May Vary than an individual's experience of cumin in Kingdom.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I say charge! I have always been a wimp when it comes to even slightly cool water so if I take my time and stick my toe in, chances are I'll run back towards land and opt for doing something warmer instead...

Rose said...

Hmm I can only really jump in otherwise I am one of those people who spends 15 minutes gradually getting each toe into the pool/ sea/ lake.

I am always wanting to try the bathing pools on Hampstead Heath here but just terrified of how cold they must be! London lakes in the winter surely this is the route to hypothermia, but lots of people do it every day so perhaps I need to try!

I could never get on with Kingdom but maybe one day I will have an epiphany with it. I really admire Alexander McQueen and think I would prefer the controversy of Kingdom to the bizarrely sweet and safe My Queen, not fitting with my idea of McQueen at all.

ScentScelf said...

Charge away! When it comes to water, I, too, am more likely to wimp out if I take my time...though I can be fiercely plodding and eventually get in above my neck, if I set my mind to it... ;)

ScentScelf said...
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ScentScelf said...

Just dashed to search Hampstead Heath Pools...am returning with a hint of "Lido Shuffle" in my ear... ;) ...as for those lake swimmers in winter, well, we could either feel less, or just let those crazy Polar Bear Club members have their fun while we go smell some perfume. :) I used to have a certain admiration for them, but now...I'm pretty sure I'd just have heart palpations.

We'll see what long term good the epiphany, such as it is, has. I'm still mighty leery of the stuff. But you're right, it is admirable.

Jenavira13 said...

I've always been a bit of a charger, it just help to wade in, this was especially true of the great lakes when I swam their. The infamous Kingdom; I've never smelled it but admit I keep away due to the cumin note, one scent I can think that definately evokes panties at least to me Boudoir.