Friday, November 14, 2008


Not that I'm one for traditional reviews, but we're definitely taking a different tack today. Allow me to share my first impressions of this scent, as shared in an e-mail to the avid perfumista who so kindly shared a sample of her edp with me. I was trying to write about another topic, but kept on interrupting myself with Jicky updates. I won't copy the e-mail, just the Jicky interludes.

First: (oops...pardon...was distracted for a moment...put on a smidge of Jicky...hey, that's really reminding me of something contemporary...ignoring that, it is wait, what the heck am I thinking of? pleasant associations...this is not what I thought this would smell like...I like it...drydown to come....)

then: ((just quick opened Kevin's review of Jicky on NST...oh, I remember this post...hey! it's a GUY I associate this with...thinking even harder))

and then: (((no, is it a guy? or of each gender, two different periods of my life? who in the world did I know who could afford Guerlain? is it the contemporary something I'm merging into the memory pot?)))

finally: ((((Good HEAVENS, who is it this Jicky makes me think of? Now I'm going to a contemporary of my grandparents....))))

I put some Jicky on the back of my hand as I was preparing this post, and--due to my wandering the internet in search of images, background, tangential information, and random exploring--I've made it to drydown. I find myself starting where I ended the last visit. Grandparents. Specifically, paternal grandmother. And the realization that this drydown has the kind of depth where you practically sink your nose through notes; depending how close you put your sniffer to your skin, different notes stand out. Very interesting. Odd. Sometimes old-fashioned. Consistently compelling.

I may return for a proper review at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy Kevin's in the link above, or Victoria's take on Jicky in her Bois de Jasmin blog. If you are able to apply some yourself, tell me if you, too, get the depth/layers effect. I'm going to return to moving in to and pulling back from the citrus layer.


Rose said...

Ah Jicky, I have tried it lots of times and each time I get something different, I still don't think I have finished my sampling journey with it or 'got' it yet.

It's a real masterpiece.

Part of it feels so contemporary and kind of edgy because it's quite unisex and unusual. Then I agree there is an old fashioned aspect. I love the herbal nature of it and think it's incredibly soothing but also, perhaps weirdly, a little bit provocative or daring. It's not really a scent I'd associate with us Brits but I would totally love a young French girl or gorgeous Guillaime Canet type guy in it.

ScentScelf said...


I, too, feel there is Jicky journey that I may be far from completing. Happy to have the chance to travel, though.

Not British, eh? Will try to keep that rolling in my mental hopper for rumination when I hop on the next leg of my trip.