Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trial Runs:

I 've heard tell that human beings require seven (7) exposures to a new taste before they can know if they like it or not.  I heard tell of this when learning about "introducing new foods" to the ultimate "newbies": babies adding foods other than breastmilk to their diets.  

Could it be that scent introduction is like that?  How many times have I sampled a scent, and been nonplussed, or worse, felt that it was "ugly," or worse yet, was repulsed by it?  And yet later...I find that a fresh note, or even overall impression arises; or that what was "nope" has become "Hmmm!"

And yet some scents ride a steady line, either positive or not.  Time and time again, they register the same reaction; the steady hitters coaches like at the heart of the lineup, if for no other reason than their predictability.

A quick look at Steady Eddies (Edies?) and Morphing Mojos from the rose family.  

Steady Eddie:
In the postive sense:  Bulgari Rose Essentiale has been, from first spray, a nicely constructed, "true," linear rose.  Nothing more--and, because it is so nicely done for what it is, certainly nothing less.

In the negative sense:  Sheseido White Rose remains a room clearer for me.  Unfortunately, when I try to leave the room, it is still clinging to my wrist.  (Sheesh...I just found Chandler Burr on this d@%! perfume...once again, I am shamed into doubting my reaction.  Skulking off to try it again.)

By the way, I do believe that "scrubber" is to perfume for an adult as "hurler" is to get-it-away-from-me-now food for the young child.

Morphing Monster:
Alexander McQueen Kingdom.  I'm sorry, but it was four tries in, and I still was on the panties side of the fence with this one.  "Cumin" my hiney; I was totally getting the indiscreet note that some spoke of.  No ifs, ands, or (almost) butts about it.  I kind of felt like the kid in "The Emperor's New Clothes"--no, wait, that's too noble.  I was too apprehensive to dare say "this stinks!!," but doubting myself for not getting "ah, the smell of it."  And then, the fifth time -- wondering if perhaps I had a bit of a masochistic streak in me after all -- I found the beautiful rose.  Under...cumin!  and then skank.  But hey, I found it, hidden in the layers, and my spine straightened triumphantly.

Somewhere in between:
Hermes Rose Ikebana.  Three tries, three different reactions:  Meh.  Weird.  Nice.  Notice, none of the reactions were strong...but clearly different.

I'm sure I will discover more morphers, if I'm just patient enough.  

On a side note, as long as I'm chatting about roses:  I retain a strong fondness for the discontinued Bath & Body Works body essence Sandalwood Rose.  A Steady Eddie for me.  Love the body scent, the shower gel, the lotion.  An excellent half faced scent for me:  half "me scent," half "I'm wearing this."  If anybody is harboring a case, contact me for swapping.  ;) 


The Daily Connoisseur said...

This posting made me smile- I haven't tried any of the scents you describe here- but after that review of Alexander McQueen's Kingdom I am very curious to smell it.

What I always find fascinating is how a particular scent can repulse one person and make another person swoon...

Jenavira13 said...

Scentscelf, I've got a bottle of the Sandalwood Rose I'm looking to get rid of (this is your lucky day). As for cumin only two scents I know that have it that work for me: Ambre Russe and Femme edp, otherwise like utterly hiney.

Aimée L'Ondée said...

heh, heh, I love the terms morphing monster and steady eddie. So many of the greats (Magie Noire, Mitsouko, Iris Silver Mist) are morphing monsters for me -- I loathed them at first sniff, only to count them as indispensable several tries later. Great idea! Cumin, unfortunately, is pretty much steady eddie's buttcrack for me. :^p

Bloody Frida said...

Sandalwood Rose - me, my best friend and my brother all love it. I have one and a half bottle of it left (I bought about 5bottles when I realized they were disappearing)

*I'm reading your old entries today - taking a break from work*