Monday, September 1, 2008

Perfumes that Have Rocked My Boat: SIP Black Rosette

First sets of samples were in hand.  Collections of violets, roses; an introduction to perfume types.  It was Day #2 for me.  I thought I’d venture into roses first; not so sweet as violets, I imagined; not as serious as a Perfume 101-type review.

But I wanted something...not fussy.  Not old-fashioned.  And not single note.  (Oooh, see how I already was incorporating lingo?  “Single note.”  Cool.)  I pondered the names.  One appealed:  Black Rosette.

Would it be dark?  Smokey?  Tea rose, because that’s were you find the dark flowers?  Open vial, apply wand...

Uff-dah!  What in the world was THAT?  Chemicals?  That sure wasn’t a rose.  Double check the vial.  Yup, “Black Rosette.”  Sniff wrist.  Whoa, that is’s riding high up in my nose, it definitely has a ...what in the world? acetone? something burning? something in between... smell.  Maybe the decanter made a mistake.  Maybe it turned.  But you know what’s weird?  I’m sniffing my wrist again.  Not only am I trying to figure out what this is, I’m kinda liking it.

And I kept sniffing, trying to figure out what was going on, amused that I was sort of enjoying it.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  A rose started peeking through.  And to this gardener’s nose, a beautiful rose; like a gallica.  Sniff again.  Something’s happening, and I can trace the progress IN MY NOSE.  I read, I watch films, I listen to the radio...but I have never had character development happen entirely in the realm of scent.  Here it comes...the chemical-ly smell was nearly gone, and a relatively simple--but not one note--rose was in front of me. 

An extraordinary moment of comprehension.  It was as if somebody were whispering in my ear ("development/dry down/top notes/bottom notes"), even as the molecules poured past my receptors.  I was like Helen Keller with her hand under the pump and Annie furiously signing w-a-t-e-r.  Perfume can do this?  

Bring me back.  I want some more.

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