Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wii Fit / Do you trip when you walk?

The small white platform and remote are popping up in as many diverse locations of cyberspace as in the country, it seems.  WiiFit blogs abound, but it was the chatter about WiiFit on one of my favorite perfume blogs that got me to thinking:  I do believe this device is seriously here.

Well, that and the fact that we were a devoutly non-game console family...until Wii came along.  And I had no game addictions (that day long marathon of Guitar Hero aside) until my fitness age was calculated and I was asked if I tripped much when walking.

ZOIKS!  That ain't no way to treat a lady...especially one who harbors a not-so-secret admiration for Mrs. Peel and that Alias girl.  Game on!!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your blog. It is interesting. I see you are talking about Walk Fit here. I should say that this company is very much the same as other internet retailers. They only get the money for the products, either never send the product or send something worthless. They get your bank account and the charge you whenever they want for any reason they want. Look through the complaints about the company on this great site and reconsider ordering from it.

ScentScelf said...

Hi, Den,

Glad you're enjoying the blog!

And I appreciate the advice, though I should probably point out that I was discussing the Wii Fit, not the Walk Fit.

I have used sites such as Yelp for consumer feedback, as well as Consumer Reports and CSPI for general evalutions.