Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joy in Objects: Scent

The thrill of trolling.

Every now and then, salvaging/garage sale haunting/online auction trolling leads to victory.  I now have in my possession a happy little something.  A little something that is very big to my perfume geek self.  10 tiny bottles, lined up so nicely in their somewhat yellowed box.  But let me start at the beginning...on a familiar online auction site...

In the listing picture, I was sure I recognized Balenciaga, and thought I could read "Le Dix."  I could not make out anything else.  But, given the opening bid, and the recent posts on Le Dix, I decided it was worth a shot to get the Balenciaga and take a gamble on the rest.  At least I'd have some fun playing for a little bit, even if it would be simply to learn about obscure bad scents.

I win.  The package arrives.  I open it.  I do believe my mouth dropped open.

What to my wondering eyes should appear....  all in a row, vintage miniatures of: Weil Antilope; Worth Je Reviens; Gres Cabochard; Dana Tabu; Givenchy L'Interdit; Balenciaga Le Dix; Raphael Replique; Jean D'Albret Ecusson; something I don't recognize--the only one to be missing a lablel--Chloe Narcisse??; Carven Ma Griffe.  All perfume, not edt.

Oh!  Oh, oh!!  Oh, oh, oh!!!  I pick up the Le Dix first.  Tragedy.  It is empty.  I open and smell the residue on the sides.  It is hard to be too upset, because I am starting to process what else I have here.  Now I can read all of these interesting perfume blogs and do some Apply & Sniff as I read reviews of Great Scents From the Past You'll Never Have.  

I figure I fall somewhere between Blase That's a Nice Little Thing people and What are You Talking About How Do You Know the Scents Aren't Vinegar folk, but for me, this is way cool. There are a lot of scents I'd just like a chance to experience, and only so much egg money to spend.  Decants are great, but even those add up.   

So many vintage beauties out there...but the Osmotheque is an ocean away, and I am ready to smell now.  Score!

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