Monday, August 11, 2008

First Variation: Pairings

I wish I knew more about both bar chef-ery and perfumery.  I'd be so much better at this post.  Nonetheless, here goes...

I have a fantasy party.  Two variations.  One revolves around pairings of scent and beverage.  The other, presentations of "flights" of scent along the lines of the increasingly popular flights of (champagne/scotch/wine/beer) available at certain establishments.  Today, variation #1.


Let's run this as a game.  I'll go first.  

I met a delightful liqueur last winter.  St. Germain.  Made from elderflowers, but I spent a number of weeks thinking of it as a violet based beverage.  Maybe because I had recently been reading about violet liqueurs (not that there are many in that realm); maybe because when I first tested Apres L'Ondee, I was reminded of when I tried St. Germain.  Now, is that because they smelled alike?  Because I was so happy-surprised when I first encountered each?  Because each made me wistful-happy?*

I don't know.  This needs research.  Party #1.

But there should be other pairings available.  I'm thinking there are certain ambers that will go well with a good scotch.  Maybe a Midori concoction to accompany Un Jardin Apres le Mousson--but I've been too afraid of losing my, erm, composure over the melon in that one to have given it a go yet.  

Black Cashmere with ... no, need something more peat-y.  Oooh, layer Black Cashmere with Black March; accompany with a shot of Jameson's?

My kids, when allowed to indulge in soda pop at a fountain, like to concoct what they call a "suicide," which is essentially a blend of everything dispensed at that fountain.  However, there are certain combinations that they say are guaranteed winners, and they particularly like root beer with orange (heavier on the root beer).  What is the spritzer to accompany that?  

I'd like to compile a list.  Beverages can be hot or cold, alcoholic or non.  Thoughts?

*BTW, St. Germain is lighter than the heavy sweet violets on one end of the perfume spectrum, and not as earthy as the other.  There is some dark sugar lurking...maybe it's a Chanel with a Guerlain uncle?


Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hmmm, Saint Germain, you say? I'll have to try that myself. That reminds me of a time when a friend and I were talking about liquors, and when I mentioned liking gin, she offhandedly says: "Ugh, I can't drink gin; it's like drinking perfume." Then she remembers she's talking to a perfume-obsessive and goes: "Ooooooohhhh, well yeah. Of course you like it!" Hee.

Gin martinis are meant to be drunk with vintage Miss Dior, IMHO! Hm, this is a fun idea.

ScentScelf said...

Fantastic! On one silver-plated platter, we have a gin martini with Miss Dior atomizer on the side. geeks can spend time deciding which gin belongs in that martini...myself, I think you stay away from the fruit-ish ones like a Hendrick's, but more seasoned perfumistas may disagree...

Love the anecdote about your friend. :)

Perfumeshrine said...

I kinda like the idea of a gin martinim drunk with Miss Dior as company: crisp.....

And I agree that ambers would go well with an aged malt whiskey. Maybe also smokey fragrances, since whiskey has some smokey aspects sometimes.


ScentScelf said...

Ah, so right...something smokey for the right whiskey...

Appreciate your thoughts!