Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You voted: Spring Scents Yet?

Yes, I like to remind myself it is coming
  4 (19%)
Yes, because it has started behaving like spring
  1 (4%)
No, because that would just be cruel right now
  9 (42%)
No, because they're "in storage"
  2 (9%)
I don't believe in seasonal scents
  5 (23%)

Have tweaked the type color on the poll results so I can read them. (Grey on white?? whose idea of a joke is this?)  Half of the voting public said wearing a spring scent at this time of year would be unkind, and most of the other half was split nearly evenly between going ahead and wearing them to remind themselves that spring was coming, or dismissing the idea of seasonal scents altogether.

Should you be curious, I was in the cruel camp, but I cheated a bit.  I could have pleaded storage issues, because most of my spring/warm weather scents are housed together and currently not in the rotation zone...but it is not so difficult to get the them.  I mean, I could go splash some Eau Imperiale right now if I needed to, without any trouble.  You see, I think by season, but don't strictly adhere.

Fair warning:  I've released my (older version) Hermes Amazone.  Going to see if it is suitable for a greeting/heralding spring scent.  Not today, but soon.  Soon.


Ines said...

I'm ashamed to say I didn't even see that there was a new poll.
But even if I wanted to wear a spring scent, they are hidden away until spring and I don't really have the patience of getting to them even if I wanted to wear one.

museinwoodenshoes said...

I voted "no, too cruel" as well, but the real answer would have been, "no, I don't want to rush into a transition from winter scents to spring ones." I wanted to enjoy those last few weeks of weather appropriate for my fuzzy-blanket fragrances.

This week our temps started in the mid-40s, and are supposed to be in the (ahem, look away if you're still socked in with snow and inclined to be jealous) mid-60s by the weekend. I just went by the grocery store this morning and could NOT resist a pot of hyacinths in bud. $12: way too expensive for four stems, but I wanted them badly. The ones in the yard won't bloom for another month or maybe six weeks. I'm ready for spring, which is probably good because it looks like winter is in full retreat. We may get one or two more snows, but they'll be the "gone in two days" variety. Testing Bas de Soie today; it's fine but there's no love - i.e., the same reaction I had with Iris Silver Mist and Grand Amour.

I do have my fragrances stashed by cool/warm seasons, but the cabinet is easily accessible. I'm probably going to put away the Parfum Sacre and the Alahine, at minimum, and get out my chilly Silences and Crown Bouquet. (The Le Temps d'une Fete, the No. 19, and the Jolie Madame were still in the dresser hatbox* from fall, I never moved them to the cabinet.) The Chamade roll-on pdt bottle has been on my desk, since I keep intending to edit the novel that includes a Chamade-wearing character.

*I remember that I owe you some pix of my storage facilities, too. Haven't forgotten, just haven't had time to take them and send them.

Musette said...

I was in the 'too cruel' camp, too but it's 41F here toda I am awash in birdsong (granted, some of those birds are the scary grackles but still...) and of the 4' of snow that fell less than 10 days ago, only a little remains. It's very weird.

So I decided to bust out the Diorella.

Smellin' good and holding its own. 10 degress lower, though, and it would've been a disaster.

I, too, owe you storage photos. Have 'em. Will get them to you shortly.

ScentScelf said...

Ines, no worries. Not all who pass through voted. ;) But am glad to hear what you *would* have said.

Muse, I'm rather with you on that. You may remember my lament about folks trying to push spring too hard, too soon. There's something fabulous about that transition time, just like watching a garden slowly come to life...too fast would be hyperreal. And, for me, would not allow for adjustment. Without it, I'd need some sort of season hyperbaric chamber or something.

Musette, we had mid-40's yesterday. Back to winter temps today. But the hint was strong enough...good thing the poll closed. ;) Mmmmmm, Diorella...I don't do many old Diors well, or perhaps should say they don't do me well, but that one works marvelously.

Vanessa said...

I thought long and hard about this, but in the end just couldn't make up my mind - I don't think there was a "don't know" option and how would that have advanced your understanding anyway? Of course, there is an interesting climatic skew here due to the locations of your readers. An Australia-only poll might be interesting.

ScentScelf said...

Vanessa, Oy! (Aussie style, that is.) Man, I'm afraid that if I try to plead I had another line to indicated hemispheric inappropriateness--which I did! what happened?--I'll just sound like I'm a whinging nong.

I guess I'll have to stick with giving a Great Australian wave and accept it looks like I stepped in the dog. (Okay, "stepped in the dog" was a euphemism my grandparents-in-law used, and they were not Australian.) To keep it from being shonky, I'll just...what do our kids say?...suck it up, and say a lightly agro "whoops."

I also realized this was the first time I didn't engage the "can vote for more than one option" button; that was purely my own whim.

My regret for both is fair dinkum. I *am* glad to see you and Rose clarifying in the comments; at least we're a step ahead of the Scantron sheets there. :)

Vanessa said...

Haha - in a multiple choice scenario in my state of heightened indecision I would have ticked ALL available options, thereby spoiling my vote to all intents and purposes. And if we are going to get all strict about it, my profession as market researcher technically excludes me from participation...boo! : - )