Friday, February 11, 2011

Mixed Fruit News

Yesterday Cafleurebon reported that Caron's L'Accord (Code 119) would be released in the U.S. this summer.  This is good news, to me at least, as my love for L'Accord has not diminished since I wrote about it last summer and spent time basking in my waft.

The bad news is that they are calling it a fruity floral.  Which is too bad, because to me that conjures sweet dreck celebuscents for the young.  This one is not cloying, it is not too sweet, the flowers (rose and what??) are imbued in a gently raspy chord of patch and musk with herbal elements that emerge as you wear it.

I've enjoyed it in Paris heat and Chicago blizzard.  If the report is true, I'll be one happy camper, knowing I don't have to get my passport stamped in order the replace my bottle.  That's some expensive ink, after all.

EDIT TO ADD:  Marina has done some sleuthing, and cloak and dagger operations reveal that the stateside release will happen in March.  Which isn't so far away, after all....


Kim said...

fruity florals are pretty much always bad news in my book! but a Caron one is perhaps better than most...

Musette said...

I actually like the idea of having to fly to Paris to get L'Accord - very luxe. Rosie had a customer who would fly to Paris to get Fracas and Shocking - she felt it was 'fresher' than stuff shipped here.


Bloody Frida said...

hey SS - not sure if it's only me but your Twitter feed covers up a lot of the posts so I am unable to read them.

ScentScelf said...

Kim, I hear the words and I cringe. Which is perhaps not fair on my part, and perhaps reflects a narrow sense of what "fruity floral" can be? I am in the middle of gathering more information on how folks define this category, because I'll be revisiting this one in writing.

ScentScelf said...


That *is* luxe. I admire that. Especially in movies.

What it isn't is my life. ;)

LOL--"fresher" in Paris. But of course. So are the macarons. And the croissants. But not the cheese. (Hey, but if somebody wants me to be their courier on their tab, I'll sit business class for 'em.) Oh, I am going to entertain myself with the decadence of Paris freshness next time I'm attending to the litter box.

On a serious note: A couple of perfumes I have *did* smell a little different in Paris. Longitude? Latitude? Humidity? Frame of mind? Hmmmm.

ScentScelf said...

BF, I've heard this before. It seems to be a browser issue; try a different browser, and the issue is resolved.

(In a weird way, though; in Safari, for example, the text of the tweets gets cut off. But at least you can see the post texts, and follow me on Twitter if you want to see what I'm chirping. ;) )

Let me know if that works; I want you to be able to read the posts, for heaven's sake!

Vanessa said...

I had an Italian BF who lived in Leverkusen, Germany, and used to drive to Milan to get his hair cut, which I thought a little excessive.

I am happy that you will have easy access to this scent and that it is shaping up to be an all year rounder. Seasonality is of course also something Chickenfreak struggles with a lot.

ScentScelf said...


I read that opening sentence three times just for fun. :)

Seasonality...I have to poke through Chickenfreak's posts to see what she has had to say about it. Heaven knows I have thought about it plenty, and keep on coming to diametrically opposite conclusions. "There is no such thing." "This scent works best at this time of year." Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Ad naseum, if not ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...

I always feel it necessary to defend the fruity florals I like... and I seem to have *several* that I really like.

Sadly, I was interested in L'Accord until you said patchmusk. Sigh. I don't know. I might have to test it anyway.

"Not too sweet" seems to be the absolute key to success for fruity florals. I can take peach (for example), as long as it smells like a Bellini and not like peach Jell-O. Or, God forbid, watermelon Bubblicious.

ScentScelf said...

Muse, it's a good time in history to enjoy the fruity floral. You should defend them...actually, you shouldn't feel the need. Those of us who have issue with them should perhaps not pick on them so much. :)

Hastening to amend the "patchmusk" statement. Let the record reflect that I am no kneejerk fan of patch. I only really like it smoothed out in certain applications, like Coromandel. OTOH, if that only further raises your red flags...well then, you are suitably warned. At this very moment I am wearing sleeves which were Accord imbued a few weeks ago, and as the waft heads my way, I am reminded of how, yes, some people might get more of the upper voices (fruit/flowers), but the reason I like it is how the tenor and bass (amber, musk, patch) ground those upper voices to the point I nearly forget them. All part of an overall effect, which is neither one or the other to me.

I agree with your "not too sweet" observation...and snarfed my tea at watermelon Bubblicious. Which, btw, I believe I was chewing the same summer I talk about in the "Channels/Noise" post.

Peach is my nemesis, btw. L'Accord's focus fruit is blackberry. Thanks be to Caron.