Monday, March 15, 2010

Smoke, but no Fire : Mecca Balsam

It's very nice, mind you.  Stir two parts pine (either your Wazamba or your Filles en Aiguilles will do), add in one part incense.  Lovely drydown.


I have this.  Without the incense.  With my Wazamba.  I think I'll try a little layering.

If you have none of is worth trying.  I'm just goal these days is to reduce spending.

Listen to people be happy about it.  Remember, it's not that I *don't* like it; I just don't need to go there.
Scent Hive
Perfume Shrine
Perfume Posse


Olfacta said...

Second. I think that this is one of those "concept" scents that is beautiful in concept but not as wearable as all that.

ScentScelf said...

It's interesting to hear the swooning; I get that sometimes a perfume just slides into the right spot, and other considerations go out the window. Nice to know I have company, sometimes wonders if one is alone in missing a trigger switch.

I'll also say, about the LVdP line in general, that this is the one that most acted like "perfume" to me. I know they get a fair amount of love...I've tried a number of them, actually, and have never written about them because I would have more to say about what they weren't, to me, than what they were. But I'm rustling up something there.