Thursday, March 18, 2010

Michelle, Ma Bell Ringer.

File this under "I'm Trying."

Michelle, by Balenciaga.  Torpedoed, it's not the fruit compote...for though that can go one way or the other for me...and I *want* to say it's the aldehydes, which are there, but pesky...gosh, I know people I often nod in agreement like this...but what IS that thing that won't get out of my nose?  That keeps interrupting me whenever I try to pay attention to any other part, and says ME, MEEE, and flavors both isolated elements and the whole?

I'm not having a good time here.  I'm trying.

Ackergh.  What in the world?

Get out of my nose!!! What are you???  I'm supposed to be finding tuberose in here!!!!*

Oh.  Helg tells me.  Its...bug spray.  Gosh, I love Helg.  Golly, but I don't get "tempered and tamed."  Maybe Muse in Wooden Shoes will end up taking mine.  She likes it loud.

*Terry Pratchett quote: "Five exclamation points, the sure sign of an insane mind."  Clearly, Michelle has driven me one mark shy of being committed.


Mals86 said...

"Likes it loud." I am sticking my tongue out at you...

I do like Michelle, but I tend not to wear it in company, because it is, well, loud. And I've been nearly driven insane myself by loud stuff - mostly notably Opium and Insolence, but also, recently, by the uber-trashy Bond #9 Broadway Nite. My God, that thing... one tiny dab from a sample vial, and it was on me allll day, whapping me in the head with its pink sequinned handbag. (I hope the little dog in there's okay.)

ScentScelf said...

Ha, ha! I should have SHOUTED IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION when making that reference. Stick out your tongue all you like. Just beware the bug spray. ;)

If I'm going to do LOUD, I'm going to wear AMARIGE, because I like the fact that it is a rather smooth holler. Or Poeme, for that matter. I love how Luca Turn disses Poeme...but then it shows up as a positive reference in a number of other reviews. Guess we've all got our "it's complicated"s when it comes to perfume....

Gak! The dog...LOL. :)