Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat : Black Magic


Bad, not thinking me.
Lancome does not make a "roll on" of Magie Noire.
I bid and "won."

Treat, with trick:

Yohji Yamamoto "solid powder" perfume.
One came as a gift (thank you!), another purchased as back up.  Or a gift.  (Karma = good.)
But there's a trick, too:  d-i-s-c-o-n-t-i-n-u-e-d.
Still available on Amazon!

Tricky treat:

Tricky little senora.
Who knew that queer tobacco & sharp stuff would dry down to vanilla comfort?
Yum.  Wait for it.


Mmmm, Black Cashmere.
Speaking of sharp, that's how it hits some.
On me, after an edgy opening, spiced incense in sharp focus, but not harsh.
In fact, occasionally veers off into sweet land.

As I will today, with ghost, goblins, and other ghouls showing up at my door to demand their due.

photos all by author


Nancy said...

I'm always tempted to give out perfume samples instead of candy. It would be a great way to trim the stash.

ScentScelf said...

Ha! Love that idea, Nancy.

Now if you'll wait a moment...just let me get into my costume...okay, on my way to knock at your door... :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ooh I loved this Halloween themed Scentscelf post! love seeing your pictures too- that little one that looks like a black egg looks fabulous :)

ScentScelf said...

Glad you had fun, DC! By egg, sort of a black hardboiled? The Yohji? It is a wonderfully subdued woody-amber-hint of fruit, which sounds like it could be a hot mess, but really is a comfort scent with interest. Treat! :)

BitterGrace said...

Sorry about the Magie Noire trick--a hazard of the obsession. The perfume gods will compensate you, one way or another ;-)

Love to see Habanita get a nod. It's great stuff.

Happy Halloween!

Rose said...

Hope you had a good Halloween- I would love to receive beauty samples- wouldn't adult trick or treat parties be fun!

ScentScelf said...

BG, you are is a hazard of the obsession. And I had my doubts, so I set a price ceiling...$10 :) ...but still, it was silly and the siren did call.

Isn't Habanita wonderful? I surprised myself with it a few weeks ago...put it on, met a friend, got occupied with my day, and realized "hey...that smells good!" Nice.

Hope your Halloween was happy as well. :)

ScentScelf said...

Rose, Halloween was good, thank you. :) Hope yours was as well.

And I'm thinking yes, I have an idea for a grown up party next year....

Mals86 said...

I was tempted by that roll-on myself... emailed the seller and asked if it was THE Magie Noire by Lancome. They never replied, so I figured I was better off without it. (I have about 14ml of vtg edt anyway, and that stuff has the half-life of plutonium, so I probably have all I need for the rest of my life!)

ScentScelf said...

Yes, you were definitely better off without it! Of all things, it is a soap accord! Weird. Happy to share, of course... ;)

Oooh, 14ml of vintage is a good stash. That is potent stuff!!