Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick hits: J'ai Ose, 10 Corso Como

In which I violate my own rule and make snap judgements.  

I put on the J'ai Ose, and feel like I'm not done until a Band-Aid goes over it. What *is* that note?  Bactine?

On the other arm, 10 Corso Como is all "aw, come snorfle."  Sandalwood peeking through a not too sweet viscous cirrus cloud, just over my skin.

If I stopped now, it would have been done.  J'ai Ose would have been scrubbed, 10 Corso Como would have been entered in the "try to trade for some" list.  But already J'ai Ose is morphing, settling down into that woody? wth?  Meanwhile, 10 Corso Como is staying true to its (initial) fashion...

Now J'ai has gone undercover, very very low key...poor 10 Corso now seems loud...these simultaneous runs can be tough on the participants.

I'm not done, but it seems like J'ai is going to win the second date award, while 10 Corso becomes a back pocket "sure if you find it cheap snap it up because it's a comfort scent but you'll get tired of too much of it." Life is so unfair.  I don't even know if I *like* J'ai, but I'll come back.  Meanwhile, 10 Corso continues to do what it promised...and is set aside.

Must return to each, separately, for another experience, and a fuller treatment.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ooh Bactine... I have had too many real nightmares with insect bites, camping and Bactine to want to go near the stuff ever again. You are so good at naming those notes that are so hard to name :)

BitterGrace said...

Bactine or no Bactine--I love J'ai Ose. Never a dull moment with that one, and almost no chance I'll smell it on anyone else. 10 CC is a complete yawn for me. There's something sterile about it.

Let us know how your second date with JO goes.

ScentScelf said...

I don't know if "bactine" qualifies as a note in serious perfume world, (was) trying to capture where it took me, since I am certainly NOT a nose for proper chemical names. ;)

Funny thing is, we never had Bactine at my house, it was always my cousin's house. So, putting it on--whether the actual stuff, or finding it in a perfume--is an immediate association to Not At Home, aka Not In Kansas Any More.

ScentScelf said...

Ah, BG...I will indeed be letting you know how the second date goes with J'ai Ose. You are so right...never a dull moment. I'd be all "wth?" except there's not much time to express that, what with the many moves going on in there. Is yours an older formulation or current? I understand there could be a difference (as with so many these days).

Understand how 10CC could be a yawn. Methinks it will turn out to be one of those a certain sweater that you know how it will fit and feel and look just by catching a glimpse of the edge in the drawer. Some days, I need that, when my brain space is taken up by other things--or simply not there. ;)

Rose said...

I want to adore 10 Corso Como but it's just too heavy on me really- but a sparing drop is nice. It's not what I thought it would be from all the rave reviews I had read though- I agree it doens't really develop or change. Still if I ever make it to the shop I'm certain I will have to get a bottle.

Rose said...

PS I like the blue background!

ScentScelf said...

Interesting thing about that 10CC...notice both "meh" and "too heavy" appear in the comments? I love how some scents can evoke a range of reactions.

I also enjoy how you reacted to the new background. Thanks. :)