Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Star Trek Perfume

From the Chicago Tribune:    (Click here for the full article.)

The world of fragrance is about to boldly go where few have ventured before: the Trekosphere.

Hoping to profit from the May 8 release of J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film, chronicling the beginnings of Capt. James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise, Maryland-based Genki Wear will release three Star Trek-themed scents on April 24.

John McGonigle, president of Genki, said the two men's colognes and one women's perfume will retail for about $30.

Soon, Trekkies will be able to channel their inner Starfleet commander—or inner William Shatner—with "Tiberius," based on Kirk's character. The scent, which carries the tag line "Boldly Go," is described by Genki Wear as having a "warm vanilla, white musk and sandalwood" base.


Lucy Fishwife said...

Seriously???? Star Trek perfume??If I were a younger mortal I would say LMFAO but as it is I will just snigger derisively into my latte. However now I know what my beloved brother-in-law is getting for Christmas.
Alternative tagline :
"It's lime, Jim, but not as we know it"

Musette said...

Oooh! I hope they use the giant lizard captain (the one Kirk had to battle on the barren planet) - he would make a great spokeslizard!

I am boldly going to .......where? Walgreens? Wal-Mart? Where would one sell this?

anyhoodle, I'm buyin', even though I don't like the vanilla/musk/sandalwood combo.


ScentScelf said...

And, in return, I have snarfed into my tea at your tagline. (Continues with quiet chortling...)

ScentScelf said...


(How do I do Shatner delivery in print???)

Rose said...