Monday, March 23, 2009

Renewed Romance: Bois Blond

Here's one indication spring finally has opened the door:  I'm in love with Bois Blond.  Again.

Bois Blond is one of my original triumverate of "me" scents.  But it was set aside for other explorations, and for fear that I would run out and never, ever have it again.  Time passed. Then I tried Bois Blond a couple of times in the depths of winter.  It was just not the same. Which made me sad, because I had loved it so profoundly, and it made me scared, because I had loved it so much I invested in back-up.  (A full bottle of anything is rare for me, let alone a spare bottle, for which I do not have a temperature perfect hermetically sealed time travelling capsule.)  I could only console myself with the knowledge that as a "limited edition," I might someday have the heart to sell the back-up bottle and invest in other loves.

Enter today.

Here it is, returned, in all of its hay dappled in sweet with hints of tobacco glory.  Hooray!!  *This* is the power of perfume for me; the ability to capture my thinking fancy while putting me into a strong emotional zone.  For me, that zone from Bois Blond is deeply happy calm.  Not placid calm, but centered calm.  As in, there can be plenty floating (bouncing? banging?) around in my head, but it won't bother me or even sound like noise if I have this on me.

Marina reviews it here; Aromascope posts a guest review from BB fan Elena Singh here; Sakecat and her fascinating perfume project get something entirely different from it than I do.  Mind you, Elena picks up on the galbanum, which I tend to gravitate toward but do not find in this.  I guess my feelings are closest to Marina's, who mentions damp hay; I'd agree, but put it squarely out in the sun and sprinkle honey over top.  And the warmth of the sun goading out wafts of tobacco.  Then again, Nathan Branch gets a similar vibe.

All I know is, I'm glad to have it, glad I tried again, and delighted to have it on.  Some loves are best in specific contexts, I guess.  It probably will take quite a few dates, in quite a few venues, over all the seasons, to decide if ultimately this is romance can be a marriage.

Guess I've found a place in my life where there's room for big love...


UPDATE...6 hours later
Just would like to point out that I am STILL feeling the love, with plenty of reward when nose goes to wrist.  Thank you, lasting power.  This is like my LZ Journeyman (or Cuir de Lancome...or Chergui), only for the other side of the global year spin.

Which has really gotten me to thinking...perfumes that are "through the looking glass"?  More anon....


Perfumeshrine said...

Ain't those moments grand! Looks like there was some infatuation turned deep love here :-)

Trish/pikake said...

I've been out of town for a bit, so nice to come back and have new posts of yours to read!

Enjoy the rekindling of an old flame.


Jenavira13 said...

Had a strange moment with Datura Noir, it suddenly a warm musk on me.

ScentScelf said...

It's a wonderful thing, discovering love right in front of you. :) And yes, to have it segue from infatuation to something abiding...and the fun of the rekindling...yes, it's all good.

ScentScelf said...

Glad you're back in town. Your blog is looking quite marvelous... know I'm going to enjoy the rekindling. ;)

ScentScelf said...

Really? Very interesting. Of course, you know that now you'll have to give it another dance, to see what happens next time... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the shout out.
I'm overdue for a revisit of this one. Mostly to see if my opinion has changed with more education. And to see if those weird notes I get at the top have softened out with the aging of the sample. Will update as soon as I retry the scent.

ScentScelf said...

It's been quite interesting to see you progress through so many scents, and be able to keep the methodology going. Happy to give the shout out--anybody exploring perfume should take a look at your site.

I will be curious to hear what you think when you revisit the Bois Blond...I'll even send you a hit from mine, if you are curious to compare samps.

chayaruchama said...

This baby feels like the woodruff one puts in Maywine; so summery, the heat felt emanating from haystacks drying in the sun, the sun on fields of daisies.