Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wrong Turns: Jean Paul Gaultier Fragile

It's not an edgy amber.  Perhaps you knew that already.

I did too, but I forgot what I knew.  Something that happens when I don't keep notes, have no memory of reading about a fragrance, remember only adjectives like "pleasing," and decide to be impetuous and spritz without aforethought (or afore-research):

Feeling adventurous, I selected the ambery fluid in the retro-kitschy-chic Jean Paul Gaultier snowglobe bottle, because a) I tend to enjoy ambers; b) the idea of Gaultier invokes edginess; c) I remember spraying Classique early last fall, and thinking it was indeed nice in a "classic" way (uh-oh...see where this is heading?...); d) the juice is amber colored, and has that darn torso inside it.  

Spritz, spritz.

Instantly, I remember.  Floral.  Smooth white floral.  Amber meter plummets.  I remember my recent tuberose sampling, and smack my forehead.  THAT's what this is.  I shake my head, and realize I am two for two today.  Why?  This morning, I was asked to describe Mariella Burani, and went through a similar process: I knew I remembered being pleasantly surprised by what was inside, but could not remember just what "it" was.  Rather than track down any notes, I just spritzed.  What MB was was something considerably more floral, and considerably less amber, than I anticipated.

Maybe my recent run of sodden fruit perfumes has influenced me, along with the subzero temperatures?

All I know is, while there's nothing wrong with the Fragile, as it dried down and now as it fades away, I'm thinking of how I could have spent my afternoon.  With Chergui.  Or, investigating value perfumes, like that L'Aromarine Opoponax extrait, or Yves Rocher Voile d'Amber.  Or any of the leathers I was thinking of putting on and scenting my sweater with.  Sorry, Cuir de Lancome!  Au revoir, L'Ombre Fauve!

Fortunately, this will be a three day weekend, so I have an extra day to play and experiment.

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