Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Indult Manakara

Liquor sodden fruit with flowers plunked into caramelized sugar, with a hint of the other stuff that makes an amber an amber.


No!  I mean eeeyeew.  Eeew, I say.  Weeelllll....I kind of mean yum.  Okay, I mean "yum."  Fun yummy  yum.

Sure, I love savory foods, slow cooking, raw vegetables, reductions, single malt, good wine...but, to tell the truth, I can also eat my way through a pile of potato chips.  Or a dozen of the right kind of chewy, oversized cookie.

Does it help that I really, REALLY like the quality chips, or the cookies when they have dark chocolate, real vanilla, and fresh nuts picked by a free range monkey who can sniff a legume virus from 100 yards?

Not that I have any guilt over my eating habits, er, abilities.  Or my fondness for Indult Manakara.

It's a ridiculous pleasure, like laughing at a sitcom, or getting hooked on "talent search" television shows.

Not that I've ever done that.

If you come over, the Manakara sample is next to the dark chocolate, behind the kettle cooked organic potato chips, on the highest shelf of the cupboard.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Haha! I love it. I like this liquor theme you've got going on. And let's face it- we all have our guilty pleasures. I've recently been trying to kick my guilty food pleasures and found some cookies called "wholesome junk food"... They taste very naughty but are made of good things like dates, coconut and agave nectar.

ScentScelf said...

I only have two problems with guilty pleasures:

1. They make me feel guilty.
2. Apparently, they accumulate as you grow older.


I once ate a dozen "healthy granola bar cookies" made by the parent of children I was babysitting. If she is reading this...sorry!! They were really, REALLY good...though in retrospect, one wonders just how healthy coconut, brown sugar, two kinds of chips, and regular sugar can be, no matter how much oatmeal was in those.

(I want one now.)

Did I mention it is still really, really cold here??? (off to take hits on sweet perfume...)

Nathan Branch said...

Ha! I love your take on Manakara -- just fruity, syrupy, no holds barred fun.

The entire Indult line is a bit of a puzzle to me. The stuff is so expensive, and yet the scents themselves are super casual and almost pre-teen in their appeal: vanilla cupcake Tihota, fruity hippie Isvaraya, sugar bomb Manakara.

They're like something I'd expect from a mainstream fashion house, not a limited-edition niche company -- though it's obvious from the first sniff that the raw materials used are top notch.

Glad you're enjoying yourself with all this wintry sugar and booze!

ScentScelf said...


Yes, that's just it. I can tell it's good ingredients, but really, it's still junk food. I certainly was puzzled; this being my first Indult sniffing, it did not jibe with the hype.

Ironically, I realized it was reminiscent of ... that's right ... L'Or de Torrente. I'm going to do a side by side to see just how off I was. Couldn't do that tonight, because I had to run off to a meeting and then a rehearsal. Spunk some LZ Journeyman over top of the Manakara remnants instead. Which meant that on one wrist, when you went to sniff leather, you got the idea that somewhere was a wayward jam or compote stain.

Certainly does seem like I am setting myself to have a good time with least as long as the beverages and fragrance last!