Monday, May 9, 2011

Things I Remember I Know When I am On The Road

*I used to get carsick when I was a kid. There is no escape from your own --or anyone's-- perfume in a car cabin.

*I generally like amber as a category. I tend to think I ignore it during hours 2 and 3. But I just pretend to ignore it, or ignore it enough. (see above)

*when traveling alone, there's no one to blame but yourself. (see above, plus stands alone)

*you can smell cow manure at any speed

*when I was a kid, a house with its own pond and diving raft seemed to be all that and a bag of chips. Today, I saw two ponds with "narrows" and footbridges over. Footbridge = bag of chips. Pond still desired.

*last time I was on along road trip, Amouage sandalwood attar nearly killed me, then was my happiness. Luckily, I remembered this without recreating the incident.

*you can smell freshly cut grass at most any speed

*tandem trailer trucks make me nervous. Triples scare the bejeezus out of me.

*the Falling Timbers rest stop is still frozen in time. With the addition of the smell of Cinnabon.

*I used to be able to smell a lit cigarette is a passing/passed car. I don't know if I still can, but I do know these days there is always a spot near an entry door where the few, the unrepentant, the smoking crew congregate. And it smells like it used to when you opened the door to my dad's office,

*I may never afford a car that does not have cabin noise.

*tomorrow, I will not challenge the scent gods. The next 450 miles will get a cool iris, thank you very much.


Musette said...

Safe travels. Enjoy your musings. I love long trips alone. Helps to clear the mind.


Heidi said...

Shelley, trucks scare me silly! Still driving alone makes for good thinking time, isn't it? Safe travels. What will you wear on the way home?

Heidi said...

Meant to say "doesn't it?" Sorry, it's late and I had wine with dinner.

Vanessa said...

I love the randomness and high truth of these musings! Manure is horribly insidious while driving, isn't it? And those trailers you are fearful of...reminds me of the German warning label you often see:

"Vorsicht! Anhaenger schert aus!"

"Caution! Trailer swings out!"

It makes me smile every time for some reason.

And a footbridge IS a most desirable fixture - definitely worthy of the bag of chips distinction...

Happy and safe trails home...

Vanessa said...

Blogger ate my comment during its two day outage this week! Hmm...what did I say?

Well, I enjoyed the high truth of these random observations, especially in relation to the pervasiveness of manure smells in a moving car. And I do agree that a footbridge counts as a serious bag of chips (Kettle as a minimum).

The slewing semi-trailers reminded me of a German sign you see on the back of such trucks:

"Vorsicht! Anhaenger schert aus!"

"Caution! Trailer swings out!"

For some reason it makes me smile every time.

Happy and safe trails home. Well, you may be already! Complete with sore backside from all that sitting. I know it well.

Heidi said...

I think the software ate my comment, too. I enjoyed the article! Those big trucks scare the heck out of me, too, no matter what fragrance I'm wearing!

Rose said...

this really made me giggle- true about manure for sure!