Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A cull to action:  Did you have plans for your collection in 2010?  Do you for 2011?

Last poll of 2010 on the bar to your left there.  You can pick more than one answer.

Image is not meant to suggest that only women can/should vote.  It does happen to be from the first year they were able to in the United States.

image from Here, There, Everywhere blog; otherwise unattributed.  If you know, please share.


ChickenFreak said...

In 2011, I plan to both cull and buy. I _think_ that I've gotten most of my perfume-buying mistakes out of my system, and there are several bottles resulting from said mistakes that are on their way out.

So by December 2011 my collection may be approximately the same size that it is now. But unless I learn new erroneous buying habits, then every year after that, it's likely to keep on growing. :)

ScentScelf said...

CF, like you, I *think* I've gotten most of my mistakes out my system. But, as with other affairs, history has still occasionally repeats itself. For me, it usually involves a cursor hovering over a "bid" button.

Fortunately, said mistakes have more to do with allocation of budget dollars then casting a too-wide net to see what sort of perfume I might like. I have already found one way or another to send many of my "oops" to better owners.

Fortunately, I learned pretty early to stick with the sample -> decant rule. Saves heartbreak AND waste, but allows for my urge to maintain a "reference library."

Hee. Yes, even when streamlined, systems will ultimately lead to growth. Unless one is ruthless, even draconian--perhaps by keeping a strict square foot rule about bottle footprint, or a strict volume rule for overall ml allowed in the house. Suffice to say I admire mid-century design and Scandinavian sparseness, but don't adhere to it entirely in housekeeping.

Or fragrance accumulating.

Ines said...

I always plan to cull and I think I manage relatively ok but the fact is, you can't see it. I give away, swap away everything I don't like but many new things take the place of those, so in the end I somehow end up with more. I don't really understand how that happens... Magic?

ScentScelf said...


Best capture of the "why" we'll come up with here.

Musette said...

(channeling Michael Corleone): Everytime I try to cull, by sending somebody something......they pull me RIGHT BACK sending me something in return! LOL!

ScentScelf said...

HA! ha ha ha!!


Oh, it is true, isn't it? I like to think I'm overall winning on the culling front, but it does seem to be two steps forward, one step back.