Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dans Tes Bras

I've been sniffing this one on occasion for, oh, say, a year and a half.

The two times previous to this one, I was all "hunh, it's another kind of somewhat powdery violet, really."  Which was a relief of a synthesis, because for a year I'd been waiting to smell these nearly rank mushrooms, thanks to the early word.  And, truth be told, when I finally had my "it's this simple" little epiphany, I also found the mushroom.  It was the effect of violet + something that comes out as it goes into stage 2.  Still figuring that one out, but for me at least, the mushroom "aha!" was all about the collective effect of the notes together, not a spot where one can dig and find a mushroom.

Yesterday, something new happened.  I'm going to try it again, to see if it happens again.  But all at once, I saw/sniffed the following:

Take one
and go bury it in some moderately rich soil.

Watch these sprout from the planting spot
but don't huff quite yet.  Wait until fall, when the roots have become established, and the plant is now fully established.

Now yank it out entire from the ground, and shake off most, but not all, of the dirt.  Sniff, but from the root end, not at the flowers.

Voila!  Dans tes Bras, my nose, early October 2010.

I had the best time with it ever.  There was promise in the not-quite-that-simple powdery violet opening, which revealed the reward of earthy foliage twiggy-ness, all cushioned in comfort softness.  

I want to go back.  I want.  I want even though the third act is, well, a bit of a drop off.  I'm going to drain my small portion, but right now, even as I remain uncertain of the finale, I'm ready to skip the larger decant stage and go straight to full bottle.

Which is partly intellectual--I like supporting Malle's project (as if my occasional relatively paltry investments count as "support"), but mostly emotional/pleasure based.  I want to go there, into that spot of mostly composted dirt where someone unearthed this strange new plant, wrapped in a cashmere blanket and ready to tuck in for a while.

When I wake up, I'll put the plant back in the ground, so I can come back for more next season.

Please take a moment to enter a theory on Ondee On Ice, if you are inclined and have not done so already.  You can play "Clue" style, if you like...either suspect, or accuse....

Blue Violet taken by Scott Schwenk, viewable at the Hubbard Brook Project
L'Heure Bleue bottle from Octavian's 1000 Fragrances blog, in a post titled "L'Heure Bleue, Fol Arome, Pois de Senteur" 


flittersniffer said...

Love your horticulture analogy to convey the evolution of this scent! I'll be honest, this was was below the radar of my nasal receptors and all I got was a vaguely violetty salty skin odour that was so faint and indistinct that you wouldn't consider a FB purchase a good use of funds. So I defer to your superior hooter. Indeed I'd check mine into a nasal-synapsometrist if we had such a thing locally. I fear it is going the way of my failing eyes...

ScentScelf said...

FS, please note "over a year of testing." Who knows what goes on just beyond my nose hairs? It took this long for me to have an "a-ha!" and "mmm." In fact, after registering my mushroom protest in that write up, and over a year and a half of "no mushrooms," guess what I got for nearly an hour at the end of the follow up wearing? Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms. Fresh from the field, not sauteed in butter, natch.

As for your impression, I couldn't agree more. In fact, if I were in your shoes--in your nose?--I don't know if I'd end up bothering with repeat tests. There's so much out there to explore, I could see it going to the swap pile. There was a reward for my doggedness in this case; heaven knows, others continue to elude me.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of Dancing in my Bra, as they call it over on the Posse, leaves me cold. Violets, mushrooms, and... peach, is it? I have a vague memory of some sort of lactone in there, and that's Nose No-no for me.


But am glad you've finally been rewarded for perseverance. I am persevering with Fleur de Narcisse, but have to say at this point (3 tests) that I Just Don't Get It. There is a long section of unpleasant raspiness that heretofore I've only gotten in orange blossom scents. I didn't think it was the narcissus, particularly since my teeny vial of absolute doesn't do that. I remain puzzled.

flittersniffer said...

"Dancing in my bra" - hilarious!

I have to say that I am with Muse on Fleur de Narcisse except that I barely persevered... I am not sure FdN even made it on to skin, though I did keep the strip in its glassine for a good while, taking it out from time to time to remind myself that silage is not a favourite accord of mine.

And you are right that I haven't put in the time that you have on DTB, which is why I defer to your doggedness, and to your final assessment. My sample was swapped away after the third attempt.

flittersniffer said...

Lightweight... : - )

ScentScelf said...

Muse, I remember the Dancing in Your Bra. For a lot of people, it was more like "went to my bra to die," if not simply "meh."

Gah! Not -- oh, it hurts to say it -- peach. If it were peach, it could have slayed me from the get go and saved a lot of trouble. Cashmeran & heliotrope. Helg over at Perfume Shrine goes ga-ga AND goes through the notes thoroughly:

And when I go there, I see methyl salicylate, which reminds me that Patricia de Nicolai talked about salicylates and how every blasted time somebody starts talking about that note/ingredient I have to tell my brain to shut up already about the aspirin.

Really, I am of limited or negative usage much of the time when it comes to scientific discussion of notes and chemical formulas.

And both of you...sure, I persevered on this one...but I would never claim that stubbornness enables one to lay claim to any sort of superior nose. :)

Besides, I'm not that honorable. I swapped away Angel Alien without even trying it for academics' sake. And you know I still wrassle with Miz Holy Grail Mitz (c.f. "peach" in the first paragraph).

Musette said...

1. GREAT post!
2. Don't shortchange yourself - every project, Malle or otherwise, is made, purchase by purchase..your contribution is essential!
3. I hadn't been willing to give DTB much of a chance, after my first encounter...but between the lady with the poem and your post...well...okay.

4) Great post!!!

xo A

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Rose said...

I LOVE this scent and L'heure Bleu is obviously one of my all times favourites so this would make sense!