Thursday, November 5, 2009

Angelique Noire

You know that subset of cooking that involves turning fruit into a prepared dessert?  You  amp it up various degress by stewing it or steeping it, in a process that involves sweetening, vanilla, and various amounts and/or types of spices and/or additional flavorings?

Okay, take the angelica flower and turn it into a dessert that way.  The stewed with vanilla way, not the candied angelica root path.  I think I’m learning why I like greens and galbanum so much...many reviewers mention a sharp bergamot, or herbal, or green opening on this.  Me, I get the element of herbal waft an angelica plant offers, but nothing “sharp.”  It’s in clear focus, yes, no blurring on the lens, but it doesn’t pierce the back of my nose or bite my tongue.  It is just the aperitif that offers clarity before settling into an unabashed sweet (but not cloying) treat.  The more time that goes on, the more almonds and amber take over, but always melded with vanilla.

Wait!  I’ve got it!  Angelique Noire, SAT-style:  

ginger root : ginger chew 
angelica plant : angelique noire

As plenty before me have noted, not much “noire” about it.  (Excepting my personal peccadillo of enjoying a truffle--dark chocolate, not mushroom--of an evening...)  Goes firmly in the “happy comfort” category for me.

images:  fruit compote, dorisgoat on the "dorisandjillycook" blog (recipe for peach, cherry, and apple compote also at that link); candied ginger pieces, author


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Mmmmm... I can just smell it now!

ScentScelf said...

DC, I almost goaded myself into cooking some fruit. Almost. ;)

Mals86 said...

I am totally unfamiliar with angelica. Which is why I had nothing to say before - and now I'm saying that I have nothing to say... pointless exercise...

Hope your migraine has stopped tormenting you.

ScentScelf said...

Mals...if you ever have a chance to go to a European confectioner, sometimes they have candied angelica root...also, it's a beautiful dramatic flower in the garden, tall and reminiscent of Queen Anne's Lace. Too airy to be a focal point, but fantastic for background/varying the height. And, of course, has the potential for being an "edible" crop.

Thanks, migraine dispersed, but only after many days. Catching up now. :)