Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ear wax?


I think I've thought of a note that those alchemists of scent with skank can turn to for 2009: Ear wax.

That's right, it's not panties. (I mean, cumin.) It's not armpit. It's less offensive. It's in some ways odder. It perhaps offers the opportunity for variation. It's equal gender opportunity. It could be the vanilla of the animalic scent notes.

Have I forgotten someone/some scent? Am I right? Can we position earwax as an up and comer?

(Are you laughing?? Don't be laughing. I am, right now, the Faith Popcorn of scent. I just cut right THROUGH the mountain to leap ahead of Symrise/Firmenich/nose of the month. Seriously. You're gonna be glad you knew me.)

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