Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dreamy Morpher : Lieu de Reves

Bless thee, Bottom, bless thee; thou art translated
                                          A Midsummer Night's Dream  (III-i)

Hijinks made an ass out of Bottom.  Well, out of his top.  Bottom's head was transformed into that of a donkey.

Bottom was a morpher, you could say.  So is Lieu de Reves.

It's late at night now, and for the past few hours, Lieu de Reves has been a comfortable skin scent, a gently sweet amber that lays very close to the skin.  In the afternoon, it went on like L'Heure Bleu gently impregnated with a mixed floral bouquet.

I've worn it a few times now, and I can say this about Lieu de Reves: I did not have to learn a new note, decide if I enjoyed being slapped, or pay attention through a dazzling technical riff.  I just liked it.  And that, my friends, is a happy place.  I appreciate that it is there, and that I can visit.  And I will.

Midsummer approaches.  I love this time of year, and feel a kinship with the summer solstice in many ways.  I'll always remember "finding" Lieu de Reves at this time of year.  But I can see this as a perfect scent any time of year for two purposes:

  • One, just to smell good.  In a mildly floral/wafts of PlayDo/morphs into an easy amber kind of way.
  • Two, to use as an alternate to L'Heure Bleu, one of the very few perfumes I can wear to bed--something I don't do very often, FYI.  In fact, LHB has always been The One for calming at night.  Lieu de Reves would work in that capacity not only because of the reminiscence to L'Heure Bleu, but because when it gets to the Bottom (as it were), I'm going to like it there.  The drydown not only wouldn't disturb my sleep, it would support pleasant dreams.

Come to think of it, I could wear it during the day for pleasant daydreams.

Lasting power is right on the Michigan mitten, between Lakes Huron and Superior.  At 5-6 hours, closer to the sunrise side.


La Bonne Vivante said...

Ah, another one who feels pulled towards the summer solstice! I am getting ready for my annual party--can't wait!

This sounds beautiful, and calming. Will have to give it a try!

ScentScelf said...

Solsti are wonderful things. :)

You should give it a go...Laurie Erickson, the perfumer, offers samples through her website, including a "flight" or collection of 10.

I'm thrilled that SSS recently added 5ml portions to her lineup. Perfect for travel, gifting, or elongated "getting to know you"s.