Friday, August 19, 2011

I do, I do, I do Heart Les Carrottes!

Love them.

Also it, the perfume Olivia Giacobetti created for Honore des Pres.

From the odd, bitter rooty vegetal opening, to the iris reveal, to the cozy drydown which sometimes reads as a fairly simply buttery iris, and occasional as a sort of mildly dense sweetened carrot souffle, the kind of thing you could serve either along with a meal or afterward for dessert.

In chatting with other folks about this one, I am noticing that a) a lot of people found it, well, odd, b) a few people looked askance at me when I called it an iris scent, especially a "buttery" iris one, and c) Vamp a NY is still getting a LOT of love.  Followed in second by I <3 Coco.

Fine.  Go hang with the big bombs, the dense chewy things.  I'm going to hang back here, keeping a low profile, but totally enjoying snarfling every stage of  Les Carrottes.

photo, as usual, the result of the author's mischief
Signature on carry out sleeve presumably that of Ms. Giacobetti, and a welcome surprise


Haunani said...

I'm enjoying your enthusiasm about this one, and though iris can be tricky for me, I love the sound of a "mildly dense sweetened carrot souffle!" Let me know what you think of the Love Coco!

ScentScelf said...

Ah, yes! The Coco!! Will report back indeed. :)

Iris is rarely tricky for me, I must admit. I like it rooty or sweet (as long as it is not TOO sweet), dry or voluptuous. Generally, the only place is gets trick for me is when it is severely and or robustly married to aldehydes -- but substitute any note for iris in that equation, and you are pretty much spelling -t-r-o-u-b-l-e in my nose.

womo531 said...

I LOVE this one as well! I love Olivia Giacobetti and Carrots!

Vanessa said...

I have a sample of Love Coco coming to me, but maybe I should check out this carrotty number too - would it count as one of my "five a day", do you suppose? (as in fruit and veg portions, in case our nutritional guidelines don't pertain over there!)

ScentScelf said...




ScentScelf said...


I have a 'fume friend who is trying to convert me to Coco. But my heart belongs to Carrottes...difficult and rooty and more challenging to like though it is.

Given the extra effort some find they need to put into it before they find the love...yes, yes I think it should count as one of the five a day!