Monday, November 17, 2008

PG Drama Nuui, Felanilla

First trip around the block, and you can ride shotgun.

Drama Nuui: It's's a clear note of floral...they say it's night blooming jasmine...I say this is probably as close as I'll get to "pretty floral" and still like it. Thank goodness for the sharp green note; the white floral, no matter how slender and sophisticated in its simplicity, would still be...well, a white floral. Here, it's got zing.

Felanilla definitely harkens back to L'Ombre Fauve in my nose. Not a complaint, mind you; if you've been reading for a while, you know I like L'OF. Felanilla has more of a sharp edge in there, but that creamy PG vanilla remains at the heart of it. Starts off with some hay, and I think the saffron is in the first act; things are moving toward smoky/woody vanilla for the second act; and by the third, we're back to smooth -n- creamy vanilla.

I'm a fan of the Parfumerie Generale scents I've been able to try. Bois Blond is among my happy trio of "This is it" scents that came out of my stage one rampage through scent. (L'Artisan Fleur de Narcisse is another.) Not sure what will happen with Felanilla--after all, there is L'Ombre Fauve to provide the "what it ends up being" part, which would be most of our day together, and Chergui covers some of the same general waterfront.

As for Drama Nuui...this first impression suggests it will lie somewhere between the Liz Zorn Jasomyn, and Gucci Envy. Nuui has the same emotional uplift effect on me that the Zorn does, and has a green ribbon through it like Envy does.

Will probably need to revisit. (Gosh, darn, that's just too bad....)


Unknown said...

I cannot wait to try out Felanilla, sounds gorgeous and well you know my love of vanilla.

ScentScelf said...

It's one of my favorite kinds of vanilla, grounded by darker scents rather than by fruits or florals. But I do have a tendency to sweeten up scents like leathers or musks, so evaluate as you will.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ooh they both sound lovely to me...I haven't heard reviews of either of these yet... thanks!

ScentScelf said...

No problem...a happy task! ;)

I'm sure you'll see more reviews soon...Luckyscent is offering a sample pack that includes these two PGs and a bunch of other goodies...

Anonymous said...

They both sound lovely, a good jasmine -- worth checking out!

BTW I re-randomized for the vintage "Heaven Sent" sample drawing and, guess what, you won! E me at with your postal and I'll send it along.


ScentScelf said...

Yes, do try them...and share your thoughts!

I get to enjoy the Heaven Sent? Fantastic! Have sent you an e-mail, and thanks.